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Rakhee Mehta Wants You To Spend Your Morning Partying With Your Whole Family And Getting Fit

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  •  December 23, 2017

Wake up in the morning, breathe in the fresh air, and head to a party. Sounds fun, right? It absolutely is!

Magicrise by entrepreneur Rakhee Mehta arranges morning parties with lots of dance, music, interaction, and wellness organised in the best areas of your city while you munch on super healthy snacks, leaving you with a hangover of feel-good factor.

A party you can easily take all your family members to, spoil them with fun, healthy activities, and party hard! Booking a morning party session with Magicrise is as easy as booking a movie show.

Magic Rise

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rakhee has eight years of experience in the corporate field and her entrepreneurial journey has been very interesting. Read through our candid conversation with the entrepreneur.

How has the year 2017 been?

It’s been absolutely fantastic. Magicrise began its journey early this year and it has been an amazing routine since then. We have already spread in 15 cities, done 100 shows with around 150-200 trainers all over. Just this month I got featured as the face of entrepreneurship on NASDAQ, and it feels amazing!

Wow! So, what is the Magicrise ‘routine’ like?

We make our morning party peeps experience different forms of workouts like Pilates, Zumba and Belly Jazz with our ace trainers. After the session, participants receive giveaways of healthy treats and beauty products, leaving them with a feel-good factor. The regime is peppered with water-based workouts like Aquarise and Glowrise, which is basically glow-in-the-dark workout parties with glowing props.

Magic Rise

What do you think is the best part about it?

I think it is that this party can be attended by any age bracket together. From age three to 90, it is fun and healthy for everybody.

Rakhee MehtaDo you travel to each city for the event?

Initially, yes. I look after the management and sponsorship part and don’t train, so with time things are falling into place and it’s not necessary for me to travel every now and then.

You’ve run other startups as well, right?

Yes. I had partnered with one of my friends to open a menswear brand wherein soon after realising that we share different ideologies, we decided to call it off. We’re still on great terms.

The other was the high-end flea market hosted at the Princess Beach Fair. This is suspended for some time and is being re-worked.

Hmm. Is there a startup lesson that you’ve learned?

It’s FOCUS. You have to be focused to attain your goal. Don’t jump around things, rather stick with one thing and focus.

That’s right. What is your management strategy right now for Magicrise?

We’re hiring more regional team members in a few cities to make the workflow smoother.

Rakhee Mehta

Ok. So out of 100 parties, which is the one party that you’ll recite stories of to the generations to come?

Every party, yaar. All of them are amazing. But the first one at AER, Mumbai, will always be special. It was difficult to gather people for the first time. About 150 people turned up.

Magic Rise

What is the craziest thing that has happened at your parties?

Lots of things. There was a party where a three-year-old and a 90-year-old were together and following the routine with utmost dedication and made it look more fun. The energy of the 90-year-old was unmatchable.

Really? That’s so cool. What is your favorite playlist for the parties?

I let the trainers decide the playlist. And it generally depends on the demand of the city. Each city has their favorite genre and the whole idea is to make it enjoyable for them. So, the playlist is totally according to their taste.

How about the food? 

We collaborate with certified food brands with whom we share same sensibilities.

Any tips for the readers who want to organise morning parties?

Come to us. Learn from the best. We’ll help you out! (Laughs)

 Magic Rise

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