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Rajasthan CM’s Ban On ‘Padmavat’ Welcomed By Royals And Questioned By Activists

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  •  January 10, 2018

Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje’s decision of not letting Padmavat release in the state has been received with mixed opinions.

Her decision has put her in the position of not trusting the Central Board of Film Certification. In a media release on Monday, Raje said that “Rani Padmini was more than just history for us”, and the “martyrdom and sacrifice of Rani Padmini was an honour for all of us and it would not be allowed to be hurt”.

While the CM’s statement must have made the groups protesting happy but it does show her distrust towards CBFC. The board, along with Arvind Singh from the royal family of Udaipur, historian Dr Chandramani Singh, and professor KK Singh of the Jaipur University, collectively decided what modifications to make after watching the movie. Whereas, this decision has come from the CM without \watching the film.

Ashoke Pandit, current member of the CBFC, an Indian filmmaker, and social activist, says that by banning the film she is disrespecting the constitution of India. He tweeted:

Ashoke Pandit on Twitter

I thank @manoharparrikar ji for respecting the judgement of #CBFC and allowing the film to be released in #Goa. Hope other #CM’s get inspired and do the same. #ISupportPadmavat.

Ashoke Pandit on Twitter

@VasundharaBJP ji #Padmavat is cleared by #CBFC and therefore is releasing under d laws of d land.This is the same constitution under which U have become d CM of #Rajasthan . By nt allowing film to release you are disrespecting d great constitution of #India. #IsupportPadmavat

Playback singer and son of Ashoke Pandit also showed his disappointment over Raje’s decision through his tweet.

Raj Pandit on Twitter

@VasundharaBJP – U’ve proved to be one of the most spineless CMs of #India. It’s a shame that a film that’s already gone through mindless modifications & been cleared by #CBFC, is banned by u under fear of the #KarniSenas. Wonder what @smritiirani Ji has to say. #ISupportPadmavat

The Times of India spoke to some of Rajsthan’s royals, who seem happy with her decision. Their statements:

Princess Diya Kumari said, “I am happy to learn that the Rajasthan government has taken a decision of not screening Padmavat in the state. The film would have hurt the public sentiments and could have disturbed the law and order situation here.”

Maharaja of Karauli said, “One cannot distort our rich history in the name of creativity. Why do these filmmakers show our Rajasthani culture in a bad light, that too in the name of cinematic liberty, and show historical characters as per their convenience?”

Historian Dr Chandramani Singh, who was also invited to review and recommend CBFC on the film, has welcomed the ban. She said, “I truly welcome CM Raje’s ban. History cannot be distorted for a popular film. As per information and written documents available, Rani Padmavati never visited Delhi, but the film shows her traveling to the city. I think the film ban is completely a right decision that has been taken at the right time. People have been protesting against it and somebody had to come with a solution.”

Another royal invitee at the CBFC panel, Arvind Singh from the royal family of Udaipur, said, “We’re not against movies based on history, but they need to be historically correct.”

All things said and done, can we also expect a strict action against the people who have vandalized and openly threatened to kill and cut the nose of an artist?

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