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Rachele Cateyes Draws 15 Illustrations That Fight Fat Shaming With Flowers

  • IWB Post
  •  October 12, 2015


Fat-positive feminist and artist Rachele Cateyes has started a series called “Glorifying Obesity” that shows how women feel about body-shaming and the harassment they face on being obese.


She told The Huffington Post, “The common denominator in most of this dehumanizing harassment, is that they claim they are concerned about my health. I am a firm believer that being attractive and healthy doesn’t determine your worth. It’s okay to be fat, ugly and riddled with health problems and have health problems related to being fat. It doesn’t matter if you eat garbage or have a chronic illness. You still have the right to be treated fairly.” 

We feel you, Rachele.

Cateyes said she titled the series “Glorifying Obesity” because many people have told her that she is promoting and glorifying obesity by being a fat woman. She said, “If living my life and being outspoken about body positivity is glorifying obesity, then so be it. I am all about people of size being unapologetically fat. My body positive movement is inclusive and doesn’t have to be pretty, able-bodied, white or justified by good behavior.”

Check out Rachele’s beautiful artwork:560d884b1b00002f00dfe206 560d884b1b00003000dfe207 560d884b1900002f00fdef90 560d884b180000520083183f 560d884c1b00002f00dfe208 560d884c1b00002f00dfe209 560d884c1800002a00831840 560d884c1900003000fdef91 560d884c1800005200831841 560d884d1b00002f00dfe20a 560d884d1b00003000dfe20b 560d884d1900002f00fdef93 560d884d1800005200831842 560d884d1800005200831843

Want to buy her illustrations, click here! Follow her on Instagram here!

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