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Queen Between: Interview with Susheela Raman

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  •  July 26, 2014


‘Ye Mera Diwanapan hai’ is one of the most famous songs from late 50s. Originally from the movie Yahudi (1958) sung by Mr. Mukesh, the new singing sensation – Susheela Raman – has given it a new life.

It is not the western or the fusion music that Susheela from the UK likes and loves to perform but the Indian classical music that she finds her rout of learning the music. Susheela has come to the Pink city to perform in the musical evening organized by one of the export houses. She spoke to the magazine ‘Simply Jaipur’ about her journey and love for Indian Classical Music.



Here are the excerpts of the conversation of Anshu Harsh, owner of the magazine ‘Simply Jaipur’, with Susheela Raman – exclusively available for Jaipur Women Blog readers:

Anshu: Tell us about your journey from India to various parts of the world?

Susheela: I am from India but we have moved to London and then Australia. Though, my family has turned back to India but I stayed abroad as I was pursuing music studies in London. I started singing blues and jazz and other western songs there. I personally love Indian classical music since I was trained in Karnataka music and performed in community events around Sydney. My interest in different style of music led me to experiment with various music forms.

Anshu: How do you get by with your co-performers when they come from different languages and learning?

Susheela: Music speaks the language of love, peace and harmony. I believe as a musician, if I can go beyond the language and communicate through music then nothing can stop me from reaching my listeners.


Anshu: Your style of singing with a headshake has always been the signature of your performances.

Susheela: This is because of the passion I have for music and when I perform I feel kind of spirituality that comes from within. It automatically turns up as a performance. Also, I get inspired with all the people I work with.

Anshu: What is next for Susheela Raman and her band?

Susheela: Well, I am not separate from my band. Whatever new has to happen is always with the band. As of now, I am very excited for my upcoming album ‘Queen Between’ which is about songs and voices. The musical landscape is very dynamic and psychedelic. The album also has some recognized elements but the sound is absolutely unique.


Anshu: Tell us about the performers in your new album.

Susheela: I am privileged to collaborate with premier Sufi singer the Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwals from Pakistan and three very special master musicians Nathoo Solanki, Kutle Khan and Rana Ram Bhil from Rajasthan.

Anshu: How is the experience of performing in Jaipur?

Susheela: It’s always an emotional feeling about coming to India, and this is the third time that I have come to Jaipur. I love the audience here. Singing with the folk artists is always being learning for me. It’s the understanding that we share together that helps us create musical fusion on the stage as we do not get much time to practice.

By Anshu Harsh,

Simply Jaipur Magazine, Owner


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