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Purnima Sethi Brings Designer Artglass, Ceramics & Dinnerware To Jaipur

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  •  April 11, 2015

Purnima Sethi is a founder of Interarts – the international promoter of object d’art & the art consultant that offers contemporary art to corporate and private collectors.

She is in Jaipur to showcase her exclusive collection of art pieces that she herself collected over the years from various designers. Based in the United Kingdom today, Purnima’s childhood belongs to Jaipur. She remembers her grandfather: “I wanted to be like him, a successful business person.”


Her passion of collecting art pieces has now transformed into regular exhibitions that she holds around the world for people with similar interest. Her company ‘Interarts’ is recognized as a retailer of exclusive art works from every corner of the world._MG_1168

You will see everything in her collectibles – glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramics and dinnerware by international artists like Amanda Brisbane and Helen Millard; and brands like Versace, Okra, Lenox, Helen Millard, Royal Albert, Giuseppe Armani figurines, Royal Dux, Franz, Rosenthal, Royal Doulton, Shakespeare Glass, Royal Albert, Falken Porzellan, Felix Bronze, etc_MG_1173

We caught Purnima last evening while she was preparing for her 2-day show.

JWB – What inspired you to begin Interarts?

Purnima: My husband and I love collecting art, be it Rajasthan’s pottery or Wedgwood. Our home is filled with beautiful pieces. Few years back when we collected too many, we decided to have them displayed. Gradually, the idea of putting up exhibitions clicked after relatives and friends started encouraging me._MG_0957

JWB – And it is such a wonderful opportunity to meet similar artistic minds while traveling and putting up exhibitions all around the world. Isn’t it?_MG_1063

Purnima – Absolutely.

JWB – Your each collected piece is one of its kinds. But according to you, what actually attracts people to your exhibitions?

Purnima – People who come to me are not always the art-collectors. Some of them love pampering themselves…._MG_1109For example, there are people who take out beautiful expensive crockery to impress special guests; at the same time there are also people who use this crockery during family dinings. Such clients are my favorite!_MG_1055

JWB – And you are clearly one of them.

Purnima – Though my husband is a surgeon, my son is an architect, and my daughter is into a different profession, all four of us share one similar interest – Art._MG_0942

JWB – We can see your son, Akshay, accompanying you.

Purnima – He decided to support his mother after he got to know that I would be traveling and handling all the exhibitions in India alone._MG_1197

JWB – That’s wonderful. And it’s because your kids see you as an inspiration.

Purnima – Thank you. I remember the woman in me who lacked confidence. People thought I was either shy or snobbish. After Interarts, I have explored my inner self and have found the ‘capable woman’ in me._MG_0961

JWB – At that, let us know how you handle work-pressure and home.

Purnima – I am very particular about balancing and I have allotted time slots for everything I do throughout my day…_MG_0993 I keep my mornings for family breakfast and little house-chores, the afternoons are for work and again after 6:30pm, the family time starts. The family takes dinner together unless someone is traveling._MG_1035

JWB – And what about the Me-time?

Purnima – Oh well, I enjoy plenty of self-time…

Purnima Sethi in conversation with JWB's Lavanya

Purnima Sethi in conversation with JWB’s Lavanya

…After my husband is off to hospital, I sit at this lovely corner of my house where birds come and sing almost every day. We live in the countryside and you can imagine the lovely natural sight we are surrounded with. I switch off myself from everything and allow this melodious chirping resonating in the house.

Visit Purnima Sethi’s exhibition in Jaipur on April 11 & 12 from 10 am till 9 pm. Venue:The Gallery, K.K. Square, C-11 Prithviraj Road, C-scheme. _MG_1194_MG_0948 _MG_1061 _MG_1171Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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