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Puppy That Lived With IWB Gets Adopted & This Is Her Week-Long Funny Report From Her New Daddy

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  •  August 11, 2017


Remember the tiny Moana, the stray pupper who lived with Team IWB for months? Well, the girl has found a super adorable papa! Yay!

During one of the food reviews at Hilton Jaipur, we happened to discuss our Dogger-in-Chief (Poppy) with their Marketing Manager, Vishaldeep. After listening to Poppy’s stories and laughing his lungs out that evening, Vishal made a decision to bring home his own furball.

Just like me, Vishal, too, lives all by himself in Jaipur and often felt the loneliness. Even though he had always been a dog-parent, he faced the dilemma to get another dog this time thinking who’d look after it. The good news is the kind man approached Team IWB last week to inquire about the many puppies we have got that are up for adoption.

During a friendly conversation, Vishal spoke his heart out about the day he first looked into the puppy-eyes of a dark-chocolaty Moana. adopt a pet

We will talk about the chewed items at home later. First, describe me your life as a new dog-parent?

I am a father to two human kids and believe me, it’s much easier. *laughs* I have had many dogs, cats, birds, and turtles as pets during my childhood and hence, I was under the impression that I was a ‘qualified’ father. Alas, Moana has shattered my confidence.

Go on.

I expected her to take some time to get adjusted to me and the home after she had lived in the streets for more than three months. However, the moment she stepped into the house, she began patrolling and sniffed everything that was in her reach. I let her, after all, it was going to be a new territory now. In no time, she attacked the furniture, my shoes and of course, the wires.

Oh, she seems to have a thing for wires.

In a matter of few days, my girl child has chewed on the plugs of Air Cooler and emergency lamp. She was also successful with the TV and Home theatre wires. To my horror, she has now found a new fascination – the wooden furniture.

Poppy never damaged anything as I was way too strict with her.

Not even the shoes? Oh boy, Moana has torn all my footwear, and I am lucky for she doesn’t know where I hide my office shoes. They are really-really expensive, you see. I think she doesn’t like my fashion sense.adopt a pet

Ha-ha! She is definitely enjoying her new home.

She will make an expensive girlfriend!

You’re funny! I never knew she was this naughty. She was always a well-behaved girl with us. She never barked unnecessarily or did any destruction that would upset us. I wonder how she managed to travel in the car calmly when you took her from us.

Calmy???? She was nervous thinking someone had abducted her. She was shivering, and so, I had to keep her close to my hand while driving. When we reached home, she refused to come out of the car. I stayed relaxed as I wasn’t aware of her temper. I didn’t want to get bitten by her on the first day itself!adopt a pet

So what did you do?

I made her a burrito by wrapping her in a bed sheet. This way I could carry her in my arms to take her inside.

Were the kids in your neighborhood excited when they first saw her?

Well, some of them were. Sadly, keeping a dog in my society is a bit of an issue. Moana loves to moan loudly and only two days ago, I received a notice from the President stating I need to keep her quiet. I mean how is that even possible?adopt a pet

Oops! What will you do now?

I am trying to train her to become a family dog. She understands the life that she lived on the streets where she was free to roam around, eat whatever and whenever. The life will now be different.

On the brighter side, she’s got a safe and comfortable home for the rest of her life. Does she poop everywhere?

Amazingly, Moana knows she shouldn’t pee or poop inside the house. She asks me to take her out every time she has to do her business. When I’m not available, she goes to the balcony and releases herself. It’s a pleasant surprise.

Do you wonder what she does when you’re off to work?

She is small, and I don’t want to take any risks. For now, I’m leaving her at a day-care center when I am away. I’ve done all the investigation, and the place is friendly for dogs. Plus, she gets to meet other four-legged babies there.

Is she a demanding doggo when it comes to food?

Lord, yes! She wants to eat everything I am eating. She curiously looks at my hand movements when I’m cooking. If there is a food delivery, she patiently sits next to me and waits for her turn to sniff the package. She eats everything, but in a limit. I’m pampering her but keeping her health as the priority. (See the cane stool in the picture, lol)adopt a pet

How else is our Moana spoiled in love?

She enjoys her sleep on my bed. Let me come again – our bed. She sneaks up in the middle of the night and cuddles with me which I absolutely love. She is my sweetest dream.adopt a pet

When is your family going to meet her?

We Facetime every day so my kids can speak to Moana. They’re excited. My wife is mad at me for I never got us a dog when we lived together in Hyderabad. She is now as excited as the kids to play with Moana. I am waiting for their holidays so they can be in Jaipur.

Moana has really filled you with joy, Vishal. All of us at IWB are so glad. And, thankful.

In all honesty, I am the luckier one here who’s got her company. She is a lovely being and has given me a new direction. I felt so lonesome without my family in a new city but not anymore. We now play, talk, and go for long walks together. I feel alive once again.

When we adopt, we learn to accept things the way they are. With money, you can buy any shape, color, and size. Adoption comes straight from the heart and has no contorting conditions. I wish her sisters get adopted soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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