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  •  January 13, 2014

House-wife, Home-maker and Mistress of the house. Many names and many roles and thus many ways to smile all throughout the day.Hello everyone let me take you to my few phases of life that I am proud of and believe they will somewhere inspire few of you as well.

I am a well-read housewife with a degree in graduation Science background& Master in Arts. Having said that, I would like to convey that being educated doesn’t mean that one ought to have a job with handsome salary. I firmly believe that education improves your power to think and respond while making the approach practical towards challenges of life. After parents’ nurturing, it is one’s education that helps build a person from the basics.

I am married for 26 years and happily enjoying my family life to the fullest. I am a proud owner of the non-monetary achievements which I have gained while being a Wife, Mother of 2 wonderful kids and a Daughter-in-law. This marriage has thoroughly polished me as a daughter who is filled with more love, appreciation and support for other family members.
My husband is a Business-man who feels pride in having me as his wife. His work requires a lot of mind-churning and he is never ashamed of asking me for my suggestions. Though I am not physically a part of his daily work routine, he makes sure to discuss the issues that bother him. He finds in me that space where he knows his worries both mental and that requiring any practical solutions will be resolved. Starting from issue related to labour, manufacturing, financial, new deals, etc.; he takes my words into consideration before nodding a final yes in business. Not that I have some experience of handling, but here my educational background and modern mindset come handy. Moreover, I make sure to support him in his decisions and actions; which somehow build this confidence in him to move further. I am proud to say that I am a pillar in his life overall. PS – he recently took me to Indonesia and Singapore for our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
And do you know? When you are an educated housewife, you don’t have to send your kids for tutions! I have always assisted my daughter in her studies especially in subjects like Mathematics, Science & English while other kids would go for extra classes. Later as she joined college, it was her assignments in Arts subjects where my knowledge was often needed. I also have a small son who goes to school and now I am going through that similar experience like I had with my daughter. My children proudly make me meet their friends and I can sense that confidence & delight in their eyes of having me as their mom.
Friends, being a homemaker is never degrading for an educated lady or even otherwise. Trust me; it’s not an easy job handling the daily chores with perfection, taking care of a family especially when you live in a joint family & also maintaining the societal ties. So take pride if you are doing these 365 days continuously without a break. You need a pat on your back every night. And see; don’t wait for anyone to appreciate you….you ‘bravo’ yourself!

I am very proud to be a successful earning house wife who has earned love by always standing like a pillar and support for my family. No offense to ones who work, but I understand the sacrifices these strong ladies have to make. I made my choice, I made a choice to not miss my babies’ smiles, giving a cup of tea to my husband when he comes back from work every evening & cooking what my kids demand every now and then. The aim of life is to be happy – no matter what you do. I am a Happy Woman. Are you?


48, Housewife

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    I totally agree with you mrs rekha, I am a postgraduate in science who come across many good opportunities to teach senior class. But at the core of my heart I want to be at home wht to welcome children when they come home tired, can attend to their day to day requirements. At the end of day what count is sleeping without guilt and satisfaction in life.

  2.'Bhanu Pareek

    I am not a woman but its really nice to read your post mam & your approch towards being a housewife. Such a motivational blog!!
    Cheers n big round of applouse !!@!!

  3.'Vishal Shah

    Your story is inspiring. There no substitute of what house wife’s children get. and if you add up day care, tution expenses and all other costs.. list is long… More children you have, more saving you can.. just kidding..

    Good Luck…


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