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Priyanka Goyal Tells Us How She Is Unwrapping The Gifting List Concept With Giftorie

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  •  December 6, 2017

When was the last time you gave someone a thoughtful gift?

My friends and family have stopped surprising me with innovative gifts. Considering I am a writer and an avid reader, I always get novels, diaries to write in or stationary. Now while I love all these dearly, it wouldn’t hurt to gift me a gift like… thinking* I think books are fine, or they could borrow a few ideas from Priyanka.

Priyanka Goyal had mercy on humanity and thought to ease the gifting crisis by coming up with Giftorie, the popular international gift registry concept in India with features to adapt usability to Indian sensibilities. It is a platform where gift receivers and gift givers meet. Anybody expecting gifts on any occasion has to just turn to Giftorie for an intuitively simple gifting solution.

Read ahead to get some good gifting ideas.

Tell us how did you come up with this idea?

I used to head the marketing team for a brand called KitchenNeed which is a 100-year-old brand owned by Whirlpool. It is the number one brand in the US for all wedding registries. This made me wonder why we hadn’t got this concept here. When we had to go to a friend’s wedding up north, we had to plan a lot of things beginning with what the bride and groom need, who will pick up the gift, what if it is something that is not easy to transport and so on, which is when it struck me that it was a practical thing to do.

It is a very unique concept. So why do we need a platform for gifts?

I would like to use my experience as an example. When I was getting married and starting a new life, there were a few things that I needed at that time, but the gifts I got from my friends and relatives were mostly things that were of no use to me. Giftorie allows one to go on the platform and create a list, through which the guests would know the stuff they can buy, which the hosts actually require.

And, how does it all work?

On our website, one just needs to register and create a list of what they need. For eg., if it is for a baby shower, you can make a list of a car seat, a ramp, etc. from various online or offline stores. It can be any platform of your choice, and our website allows that kind of integration.

This can get awkward to tell someone that ‘Sorry, this gift has been already off the list, you choose something else.’ How do you handle it?

For that, we have no duplication policy. We try to make sure that when people are buying gifts, they don’t end up buying gifts that another guest coming to the party or event has already purchased.

Enlighten us on Gifting list etiquette.

There are a few things if followed right will lead to the effective execution of your list. So, if your event is in December, one should shoot their list around October, which gives everybody enough time to decide the gift, buy it and get it delivered. Another thing is that a wide variety of gifts can be added at different price points as well as range. A lot of time people want to buy gifts that suits their choices too. So while making a list, one should take their guests preferences, budgets and personality into consideration. If somebody has told you, they are buying something, then they should update the list so that hosts don’t end up getting the same thing from someone else.

How many people can work on the list?

You can have multiple people on your list. For Weddings and Baby Showers, it is mostly the couple that registers and posts their email IDs.

How do you market this platform?

We follow a direct marketing policy. We just try to have a one on one call with people who write to us, and as for online paid marketing, we are currently doing it through Facebook and Google.

Can you give our readers a guide to sensible gifting?

The most sensible thing to do is to find out what they need. Gifts can be related to their hobbies, their work life, gift cards from their favorite outlets, etc. Just think of their interests and the occasion for which you are buying the gift. You can give a travel gift card to a newly wedded couple. We believe that creating a gift list is valuable not only for the receiver but also for the person who is gifting so they can make the right choice.

People generally get shy when they talk about gifts. How do you handle this mental block, if it at all exists?

We spoke to about 100 people on one on one basis before launching the platform. We realized there is indeed this hesitation in creating a list and sharing one’s gift requests. So, we for one, give various options where it can be very indirect. Even in our marketing effort, we talk to the people who are closest to the hosts. Siblings or cousins can be the people who create the list.

Share with us your personal gift list from an occasion in your life.

The most exciting gift list for me was my baby shower gift list. I actually got a lot of gifts that I needed. My single friends really thanked me because they were clueless about buying gifts for a new mom.

Any fresh idea for a baby shower that you personally love?

There are websites like Hopscotch or Firstcry that have many quirky options. And, yes, everybody buys things for the baby, but no one thinks of the mother, so hobby classes for the mom or comfortable workout or yoga wear are good options.

You must be surely having a memorable gift from your childhood.

I always remember this gift my aunt gave me, and we were many kids in the house, but that was an individual gift just for me. It was a massive piece of instrument, and I felt a lot of pride just holding it. It also got me interested in music. I learned vocal music after that.

What gift experts do you have on your team?

Not as a rule, but we speak to mothers and bloggers who are in the position to really know what gift people would want.

And, what is a gift that you possess?

I can comfortably talk to people. I am a people’s person, and I would definitely say that is my strength.

Something that will surprise people about your journey as an entrepreneur?

I actually started my career as an entrepreneur even before I graduated. I had a diamond jewelry manufacturing unit and retailing company, Ava. We used to make the jewelry in Mumbai and sell it through exhibitions.

Share, from your personal experience, some Dos and Don’ts of setting up an online service company.

I think the most important thing is to research. You could be very excited about an idea, but it is always good to understand consumers and the market. We were able to tailor a consumer platform because we spoke to enough people before starting it. Another thing is courage as it is easy to give up after the first drawback. Have confidence in your idea. After you have dived into the business, be ready to edit the plan and don’t be very stubborn about how you had envisioned something. Reacting to the consumer response is a must.

Any expansion plans?

We have opened our platform for Non-profits and depending on how it goes, we want to add more NGOs who want to create their own wish list. We are also looking at going agressively on social media.

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