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Priya Keswani: How I started my own business before turning 25!

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  •  February 4, 2015


Most of the people in their mid-twenties are confused about their career choices. By the time Priya Keswani turned 25, she had already launched her own clothing line for women – Alaya, the Storehouse. This Jaipur woman is among the young entrepreneurs our city has to offer. Let us see how this lass discovered her passion for designing clothes while she was pressurized for pursuing CA/CS.

Priya – I was pursuing Economics Honors.

JWB – And then?

Priya – And then I felt stuck. It was always boring, you see.DSC_0018

JWB – Go on…

Priya – I always had a knack of designing, and I remember my friends suggesting me to rather go for some designing course. As soon as I completed my graduation last year in August, I decided to give this a shot with a deal (to myself) that I would close it after a month. But the excitement of my customers kept me going on.DSC_0069JWB – Running the business of your own is not easy. What do you think was your backbone?

Priya – My father has a clothes export business that is 30 yrs old, that’s why asking for regular tips is usual. About finances, I used my own savings and some help from my father. Even now if I lend money from him, I make sure to return it.


JWB – This is a good business rule. What else do you follow to be a fair business woman?


Priya with her father.

Priya – My father has taught me to be friendly with my customers. It is very crucial and I see it working for me!

JWB – Talking about your store, how do you manage the designing, selling, interacting with clients, photography, marketing and social media pages of Alaya all alone?


Priya – I don’t do it all by myself, and that’s my secret! I only give my soul and energy to designing and dealing with clients, rest is teamwork. I have employed a person to look after store in Fairmount. The social media and photography is done by my younger sister.

JWB – Your family seems very supportive.

Priya – But I pay salary to my sister! (laughs)

Priya with her sister, Jyoti

Priya with her sister, Jyoti

JWB – You do? Wow, that’s very professional and her efforts seem to be paying off really well.

Priya – That’s correct. I do marketing only via Facebook and Instagram. With love of more than 5000 followers on Instagram page and lots of queries every day, I get a sense of satisfaction. I know few women out there love my designs.

Alaya Couture

Alaya Couture

JWB – And this includes women who even live overseas. Amazing!

Priya – Thank you. Yes, I have shipped to other countries as well.

JWB – Talking further about your working style, have you ever faced any stereotype in business because of your age or gender?DSC_0017

Priya – Yes, I have. I take the money first and then send the product. Sometimes because of this, I face trust issues regarding the payment mode. But I believe if you are honest, everything finds its way. I deliver what I promise. In these few months, I have got many loyal customers who send me mails asking ‘When Alaya is coming up with more designs’.

Alaya Couture

Alaya Couture

JWB – Lastly, do you have any tip for designer-entrepreneurs of your age?

Priya – First, send silk if you have promised silk that means no compromise on quality. Second, be very accurate with measurements, it says a lot about your skill. Third, keep easy return policies for customers. Let them return if they don’t like your product, this will help you win their trust.DSC_0039

We’re sure, she is an inspiration for many youth. Do you agree?

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