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Presenting Anuradha Saxena: Our Fitness Blogger for August

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  •  August 6, 2014


Do you know – benefits of aerobics for women include reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes?

fitness tips for women anuradha saxena

For most of the Jaipur women, to keep fit is limited to a brisk walk in the morning. But among them, there is one lady who wants to revolutionize the health-fitness culture in the Pink city. Meet Anuradha Saxena. A woman in her 50s, Anuradha looks more robust than most of the women in their 20s and 30s. She is a Reebok Certified Aerobic Instructor who is training many Jaipurites for more than 5 years now. Jaipur Women Blog is super impressed by this woman and therefore, is appointing her as our Fitness Blogger-in-Chief for the August month!

Anuradha is with us this month as she will interact and give many useful fitness tips to our Jaipur women readers. We are already sweating of excitement. Let us know more in her own words.

“Hello friends, I am so happy to get this opportunity. I love this city and have been trying my best to keep people here at the pink of their health. For me, Aerobics is the art that has kept me lively all these years. Almost 9 years back, I trained myself in aerobics when I was 45 years old. I was learning aerobics with these 20 year olds but my determination held me youthful. Today I live and breathe fitness. The kind of positivity it brings in my life is commendable. Anybody can do it and it has no age bar. I have people from all ages who come to get aerobics-trained. Along with a 16 years old, you can even see a 60 something tapping his/her feet in my class. I am in mid 50s, when I can, so can you, my friends!

However, I don’t look at fitness as my profession. Over the years it has become my passion. My friends and family say I have evolved beautifully with age, complementing my energy and the always smiling face. I give credits to aerobics. With no machines or heavy equipments, you can actually stay fit and healthy! When strength training, pilates, bootcamp, etc is mixed with fun dancing, you know you are on the most interesting path of fitness training. The pop music forces you to tap a foot or two, and there you go! I get my aerobics music collection from US and firmly believe that music has the power to uplift a dull morning mood. Have Monday Blues, do some aerobics. Have sleepy frame of mind, come do the aerobics! I think these peppy reasons were good enough to attract me towards this particular style of keeping fit.

To get started in Jaipur wasn’t easy when I shifted from Delhi. Comparatively a conservative city, there was a lot of hostility back then. Seeing a woman trainer, it became a bit difficult for me to win trust of people and get them started with aerobics. But I suppose my hard work and self-belief have made me overcome that barrier.


I will see you this month with lots of fitness tips that you can make use of, along with answering your queries and covering many topics that you might have missed amidst your busy lives. Cheers!”  

Anu, as she is fondly called, will be back soon with a new topic on fitness. Till then, if you want to ask anything from her, either send us a message on Facebook or write to us at

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