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Poonam Bir Kasturi gives you solution for household waste

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  •  June 5, 2015


This Environment Day, we got hands on one really empowering story, in which a woman acts as an agent of change. This story belongs to crisp Poonam Bir Kasturi, who founded Daily Dump in the year 2006. 

Poonam Bir Kasturi, a true eco warrior of our times. Based out of Bangalore, The Daily Dump are involved in developing a range of composting solutions, and have a number of simple Home Composters for distribution. The Daily Dump products are designed to ensure that you compost at home, conveniently and hygienically.

Working on the idea that 50% -70% urban Indian household waste is wet waste , most of this waste going to the dumps is illegal (the dumps are overloaded already) , Poonam aims at making composting a regular feature in the lives of Urban Indians. She aims at overcoming mindsets, even of educated people, and to get them to believe that if managed well, composting is a hygienic process. She believes that Daily Dump is not going to change the world – but it can make a difference.

Daily Dump Ceramic Composting pots

Daily Dump Ceramic Composting pots


The most remarkable aspect of Poonam’s waste management process is the carefully designed terracotta products, which keep the hygiene in and keep the smell and maggots away!

Poonam shares how she managed to handle a waste-management business alone:

We started with 3 people in the core team, 2 in the support team, Potter families and our families. My first employee was my old customer at the managerial level. And my other 2 employees are also old customers! 

My family had to bear the brunt of compost testing during a particularly wet monsoon. The jokes about maggots got better every day. The looks of disgust and turned up noses at the smells thankfully stopped once we started getting it right. The house itself looked like a pottery godown! 

And Here is what Poonam has to say on business challenges she encountered and fought through:

A business of this kind faces many ups and downs in the course of its day-to-day life, as it is very different from a routine start-up that produces a particular product or provides a certain service. My team and I face several difficulties in making ourselves and our products understood by people and accepted by them. It is a challenge to find good, strong-willed employees who are committed to the cause of eco-friendliness and to keep them motivated enough to cruise through the daily hardships. The biggest challenge that we face, though, I would say is that of being accepted by people and changing their mindsets about composting.

Advice to an aspiring entrepreneur:

Do not jump into entrepreneurship just because you want to do something of your own, before you are truly ready for it. Find something that you are passionate about, so that you don’t get tired after doing it after a few years. Find something that is meaningful, that will add more value to the world around you, which touches you deeply from within and satisfies you to the core. Do not be just a manufacturer or a service provider; be an innovator instead.

Also Poonam always asked questions that made many hide their eyes. And she has a very powerful perspective on recycling:

Many abandon projects. I have to be committed to change. You have to put your life on the block. Each one goes through challenges. Ask yourself: What do I see?

Here I invite you too see waste in a different light:

Paper selling:
– Chor
– Does not weigh properly
– Unclean work
– Unclean shop
They are not allowed, dirty, filthy… can we see them as a recycle guru..

They are green warriors of the city… They take business risks.. they are entrepreneurs. They have taken your perspective with smile. If you are in Singapore, you pay him to take away the kabaadi. You will treat him scathingly here. You do not fight for him, do you?

Do you see it as WASTE or RESOURCE? How do you see every day, every experience you can connect back?

Poonam offers a range of products based on the kind of waste to be composted: Leaf Composters, Gamla, 3-4 Tiered Composters, Leave-it-pots, Manthan and many garden accessories also. You can visit website to view the features and functions of all the products.

JWB Team vowed to get these miracle pots for the household.

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