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Please, don’t become like them! Promise now!

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  •  December 18, 2014


It is no more about the borders and religion. The 16 December has become a kind of bad omen with second brutal incident that has happened in Peshawar, after the gang-rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi.

We were shocked to learn about the comment of a 15 yr old student from this unfortunate school which the Taliban targeted killing more than 120 small kids. This kid said:

We were in the hall. We’d been called out there to get first aid information. We heard a noise from above. We thought there was something being repaired. Behind us was the wall, after which we have lots of gates. [The fighters] broke through one of the gates. As soon as they got in, all the children lay down on the floor. In our halls, we have chairs. They shot the children in each chair. I couldn’t watch it. When I grow up, I will destroy their world, I will destroy their children — I won’t let them be.

Can we see this now? Can we?

Revenge is giving rise to revenge. Hatred is generating more hatred. Dear Taliban or any other terrorist group, your heinous acts are not solving your purpose – of fearing us – rather we are becoming devils, ready to kill you.

Below are few tweets and comments of people (from border-free countries) on Twitter and Facebook that we think convey the essence of our feelings very well –

 “Allah says in Quran – Whoever kills a human being, it is as if he killed the whole of humanity. Whoever saves the life of human being, it is as if he saved the whole humanity.”

“We must never forget we belonged to one country once when we fought for its freedom from the British. Now is time we fight together against terrorism.”

 “The worse part: our children get slaughtered and then WE are labeled as ‘Terrorists’ as well. I don’t know when the world will realize it’s not Muslims vs Non-Muslims, its Terrorists vs Everyone!”

“The whole world will stand with you to fight against this cowardice act on future generation.  We were divided by past. Let’s unite for the future.”

Let this love and brotherhood spread like fire and burn our hearts with compassion for each other. Let there be no space for revenge. Let’s begin with our families and then be nice to our neighbors. Then move on to the friends and workplace and then the society. Let it spread like an infection. But if still you have a doubt and want to play the blame game, read the quote by Gerry Duggan:

If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself.

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