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Pinkee Tamra, The Queen Of Jaipur’s Nightlife, Is Also The Coolest Single Mom

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  •  January 10, 2018

A single mother of two, Pinkee Tamra is one of the most popular party organizers in Jaipur.

A career dominated by men, Pinkee is one of the few women who has kicked stereotypes in the butt and has reached the top. Her company, Panch Tatva, organizes the most sought after club and DJ parties in the city and across India.

IWB was mesmerized by Pinkee’s dynamism and her bindaas attitude towards life. Excerpts from our candid conversation with her:


“I was sitting at a thadi with my friends when the idea of Panch Tatva came. Amongst the five founders, I was the only woman. I still remember our first event. We had organized a big DJ party at a famous resort in Amer. Some rogue boys were trying to enter the party forcefully. My partners didn’t let me handle them, being a “girl.” Still, I intervened and explained those boys politely. However, they went to the police station and registered a false complaint that it was a rave party where drugs were supplied.

All of my partners got scared, but I wasn’t, as I knew we had not anything illegal. So, I called a press conference and confronted the media and told them the whole truth.2


The people who work with me and others in the same field refer to me as the ‘Lady Don.’ *winks* Ek  phone call par kaam hote hain mere. My parties are a class apart. I always call top-notch DJs and artists from around the world. Now, people recognize my work and how dedicated I am towards it.”

Pinkee also told us that she was single-handedly managing the company now as other partners had taken up different businesses.

“We are still great friends and meet up regularly. There are a few women in the field of events as it takes a lot of courage to be around so many male workers. But, I am very “dabang.””

Mujhe darr nahi lagta. I can handle anyone.” 


“I got separated from my husband in 1995. My son was 7, and my daughter was just 5 at the time. It was a very difficult phase in my life. I stayed with my parents for two years. Before separation, too, I used to take hobby classes in Bani Park. But, after coming back home, I needed enough money to support my children’s school fees and our daily expenses.

Initially, I did a beauty and make-up course and started my own salon. For additional income, I took up a part-time desk job. I have also been a Yoga Instructor and have taken Personality Development courses. You name it, and I have done it.

I had a scooty till my daughter was in 12th std. I have saved every penny to have my own roof and a car.

Touchwood, I am blessed to have children like Akshay and Nikita. Akshay is in Merchant Navy, and my little girl is a teacher at St. Xavier’s.5


Our comfortable life now is a result of years of hardships and struggle. I have learned one thing, “Money is everything,” which is why I still take up whatever opportunity comes my way. Like now, I am also planning to get into garment designing and manufacturing.”


“I have a huge social circle which includes men and women both. I feel that sitting with a group of men provides you with a lot of knowledge as they usually talk about politics, business, etc., and are not stuck with what brand of handbag I have or what label I am wearing.

Yes, I do have a couple of really close girlfriends with whom I share most things. But, still, I feel that I don’t have any friends with whom I can share my struggles, insecurities, etc. as most of them are married and have husbands. This makes it difficult for them to understand my situations and my actions. Also, what I hate most is the habit of gossiping due to which I trust only a few people.

Recently, my dad passed away. I lit my father’s pyre. There were a few people who opposed it, saying that it’s the son who always performs cremation rituals. But, it was my father’s wish. He always used to say that I was his son, not a daughter.


The people of Jaipur still have a very narrow and conservative mindset. It’s not easy being a single working woman in the city. Though I have mostly got great peers, there have been people who still have a very regressive thinking and believe that women who party late nights and work are “casual” and “easy.””

“In one party, a rich brat was forcing me and dragging me to dance with him. I refused him politely, a few times. But, when he didn’t stop, I took his cigarette and burnt his hand.”3


“At another instance, I was going to a party late at night, where I saw a Scorpio car following me. I gave him the way. Still, it slowed down, and this continued for a while. Then, he took out his hand and waved it at me. At that moment, I lost it. I used some cuss words and gave them an earful. But, I wasn’t satisfied as I could see that they had no remorse for what they had done. I took out my baseball bat which I always keep in the car for safety and broke their car’s front mirror. I thought, “I’ll handle what happens next, but I want to teach them a lesson.” Later, they sat in the car, and took off in speed.”


Living room of Pinkee’s home

“To be honest, when I was doing noble work and struggling to meet ends, no one noticed me. Then, there I was, in shorts and backless blouses, and, Voila! Everyone knows Pinkee Tamra. *laughs*

I am a designer at heart. I love patterns, prints, interiors, etc. Every show piece, every wall painting, etc., you see in my house has been done by me. In dressing up, too, I am very experimental. In fact, my daughter always seeks my fashion advice.

And, you may find it strange, but I take care of my feet more than anything else. That’s my most precious feature. Ha-Ha!7


“I believe in living the moment. I think that whatever happens, happens for the best. All I do is work hard and party harder. I am happy the way I am!”

“Btw, I want to buy a Thar now. That’s my dream.” *giggles*

Pinkee is an epitome of strength, courage, and determination. And, her attitude towards life is something we all should learn from.

This interview was first published on August 27, 2016.

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