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Pink City’s Sejal Khandelwal Goes Pink!

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  •  August 11, 2015


Hello folks! I hope this article finds you all in the pink of health. Fashion sways invariably and it is almost like seeing the pink elephant while trying to keep up with it! Don’t you think so? Umm well, before I get handed over the pink slip, I think I should better get to the point!

Pardon me for the excessive usage of the word ‘pink’, but that is pretty much what this article is about! Also, of course, it is about fashion. And of course, a girl.

Okay, plainly put, it is about this twenty-something fashionista who is obsessed with the favorite color of womankind: Pink, and who has got an uber cool collection of outfits to flaunt!

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you feel envious watching Sejal Khandelwal adorn different shades of the color pink!

  1. The Somber Simplicity_MG_0030a

Her baby-pink gown with a laced top elicits a feeling of both simplicity and extravaganza. Exemplifying a perfect look for a formal gathering, Sejal pairs the gown with drop pearl earrings and a pearl tiara, along with that tiny bow ring which retains the essence of her playfulness.


  1. Shimmering Subtly_MG_0073a

    Because wearing a one-piece dress when clubbing is too mainstream! Here she shows us an alternative attire for those clubbing shenanigans by sporting a pair of baby-pink shorts accompanied by a white crop top. She has enhanced this subtle outfit with shimmery gold cufflink earrings and a Victoria’s Secret clutch. Also, her colorful body hugging accessory along with those beaded bracelets is sure to catch your eye.


  1. The Pious In-scape_MG_0106a

    Here, she may be gazing out into oblivion, but we are wide-eyed attentive heeding to the bright pink shade of her ethnic kurta. She completes the look through those oh-so-traditional jhumkas and that golden handcuff. Not to forget that red sling clutch; it reminds me of the long-gone royalties!04

  1. The Sassy Summery Semblance_MG_0161a

    This one is my personal favorite! I can’t help but exclaim how vivid and vibrant this guise is! Accessorizing with a choker neckpiece and drinking that green sherbet, Sejal stands tall and stylish boldly telling the sun: “Bring it on!” With this sassy shade of pink, she doesn’t hesitate to sport a contrasting blue pair of heels!05

  1. The Retro Retreat_MG_0005a

    Sejal has her own way of treating vacations! She says that denims become nothing short of a pain while on a vacation, so carry your comfort along by wearing palazzos instead! Always, always, accompany palazzos with a body hugging crop top. Coupled with some accessories, you can also sport this comfy yet elegant look for dinners or outings! Noted, girl!01

When the massive task of dressing up and dressing down was over, I asked Sejal for her personal style statement, to which she replied, “Never overdo! Keep it simple. And don’t compromise on your comfort while you doll-up for be it a club, or for a pyjama party!”

Well, this was what happened on the scene but I think it is only right if I give you a sneak peek of what happened behind the scenes! Sejal’s sister, Riddhima, was with us all along helping her switch avatars. She is as trendy as her sister, or maybe even more-so! We couldn’t resist capturing a glimpse of this sister-duo’s love!


Riddhima and Sejal

Also while our model was getting all fancy, I took the liberty of invading into her mighty accessory trunk and well that’s how I ended up!


I just realized that as a matter of absolute coincidence, even I was wearing pink.

Shall we declare it a PINK day? What say girls?

Picture Courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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