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Photographer GMB Akash Captures The Story Of Princess Lucky Who Works In A Brothel

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  •  May 17, 2019

“My uncle sold me in the brothel when I was nine, that time I was innocent. A type of innocent that I had no idea what is the difference between a mosque and a brothel,” said Princess Lucky who was photographed by GMB Akash, an award-winning photographer from Bangladesh.

Akash captures the life of people to bring their identity in the forefront and in his recent Instagram post, he shared a portrait of Princess Lucky, “a badass woman” who refused to make love to a client as she was not in the mood and that just made perfect sense. “A few days ago I was not in a mood for love, when my client was promising how much he loved me and how badly he wanted to take me away from this living hell to his beautiful heaven. With promises he kept telling me how badly he wanted to marry me; I was not up for drama that day, I just secretly dial his wife’s number from his phone. Then I continued to listen to him attentively, for solid thirty minutes in pin drop silence. When he asked me how I felt about him, I hand over his phone and told him to ask his wife.. Yes, I am badass woman, I smoke, I sing, I dance. I’m tough and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, it’s okay. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself, which is enough. Now excuse me, your attention won’t pay my bills,” shared Princess Lucky.

This powerful photo reminded me of a similar story that author Sohaila Abdulali recently shared at JLF’19 where she spoke about rape, consent, and the notions of the society, and said, “Just because you are a sex worker doesn’t mean you deserve to be ripped.”

The portrait is truly an image of women empowerment which shows a woman taking a stand against a man who treats her as an object of sexual desire and a woman who lives her life on her own terms breaking the patriarchal notions of the society.

With the exceptional work that Akash has been doing, he has touched many people’s lives around the world with his pictorial stories of life, and his skills have earned him more than 100 international awards.

In a previous conversation with us, he shared what inspired him to start the project ‘Heroes of life’, “The project is about the real-life experiences of some incredible human beings who encounter hardship, suffering, and struggles but always find their way to love and light. They belong to the lowest chunk of the society and their voices and stories remain unheard and undiscovered. I wanted to be the voice of the voiceless. To pursue my journey, I have to travel every single day of my life. I continue to knock at the door of every deprived soul I meet on my way. Everyone has a story and some people have extraordinary stories. I pour my heart and soul to bring out those extraordinary chapters of human life from those people who are very ordinary to the world,” he said.

However, Akash doesn’t go clicking his muse without their consent. He explained, “Their consent is important to allow me to be their storyteller and I never take out my camera at the beginning. Time is the most precious thing of all to build relationships and it works silently. It helps to take away anxiety, fill up gaps, and bring validation.”

Talking about the difference he observed in people once they opened up about their tragedies, Akash said, “Pain changes people. Heartache has brought a difference in every human soul I met. I saw how tragedies deeply affect human psychology and their philosophy about life. Often time I witnessed how people opened up their wound and then shine through it. Sometimes someone may cry an ocean, sometimes someone remained just like a stone. But I saw the light on them. They were different people, very different than you and me. The tragedy changed them as human beings. Theirs wound turned into wisdom, and their sufferings became their strength. Magnificently, they rose above everything.”

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