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Photo Project: Stretchmarks & Sagging Breasts Aren’t Ugly

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  •  April 29, 2015


Photographer Jade Beall has done wonders again. After her two awesome projects – The Bodies Of Mothers, she is back with a monochrome project showcasing unedited bodies of the mothers.

It features many unaltered portraits taken by photographers around the world, accompanied by the subjects’ stories. Jade is fundraising for “You Are Beautiful, which she describes as “a rad new media platform for female photographers from all over the world to contribute un-photoshopped images and inspiring stories of women from around the world to promote healthy self-esteem, self-love and empowerment for women and our wee ones.”

The site will feature portraits of women – totally unphotoshopped:91_img-1

Jade tells –

There are some quotes of the featured women we loved:

“I know all of these things are what have made me who I am today and I should be proud of my marks internal and external. My sagging breasts and stretch marks are stories of the journeys of creating and growing all five of my miracles. I try to remind myself of that daily.” 91_img-2

“It’s sad to me how the word ‘beautiful’ has been so cheapened by our culture, that it now only applies to a (very narrow) sort of physical appearance. Beauty is not just physical attractiveness, and physical attractiveness is variable by culture, time period, and individual people’s preferences. I tell my children they are beautiful in the real sense.. they are amazing creatures capable of so much.”91_img-3

“When I see other women doing things that I do not understand and by learned un-authentic habit I want to ‘judge.’ But then I remember my truth and I internally smile: their unique way of living which I do not understand and which I need not make assumptions about is an incredible opportunity to expand my ability to love and my understanding of this world of being human!”91_img-4

“When I look at a photograph of myself I zero in on all my flaws – extra flab, double chin, eyes too close, cellulite, discolored skin. Oh, I can go on and on. I can look and feel fabulous, but then see a picture of that moment and hate what I see.”

Don’t miss the whole video film of the project:

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