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Photo Blog 1: Jaipur Women Through Our Lens

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  •  April 6, 2015

Every Monday we will come up with photographs of our beautiful Jaipur women. Telling their stories, showing their precious expressions and moods, these colorful photos will represent the life our Pink city women live.

Scroll down the pictures clicked by our photographer Shashank Tyagi & don’t forget to write reviews!

 1. A little rest in the afternoon is always okay.

 2. The innocence over-shadowed by child marriage.

3. The pain in the eyes.

 4. Spring is here!

5. Weekend.

6. Beautiful 3 (We guess the woman in yellow is expecting)

7. ‘Kya kar rahe ho camera se?’ Well.

8. ‘The weather can’t stop me’.

 9. Close to Him.

10. Off-roading.

 11. Color-block.

12. Responsibilities.

 13. A little time for family between duty hours.

14. Poser.

15. Because chit-chatting at home is never enough.

 16. Of course, they know how to dial a number and send few text messages. Of course.

17. Other side of the colorful life.

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