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Phenomenon of the Saree Aunty at Indian Weddings

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  •  October 6, 2014


2 days back I attended my close friend’s wedding. It was fun. Though, I noticed it wasn’t fun for few women. The pressure to marry off a girl? Maybe. But then I read this article by a comedian in TOI which talked about ‘Saree Aunty’ and I realized she has just answered my agony!

Saree Aunty is a new term popped by the comedian describing a group of women in their 40s, who are saree-draping experts at a wedding. It was the 1st time that I wore a saree and my guardian angel was a newly-married friend who draped my saree beautifully. I saw other 20 year olds getting it done by some aunties. These aunties-at-task looked like Indian goddesses with many hands, each holding something – the puja-thaal, box of laddoo, mehendi cones, someone’s saree, their own saree…I mean literally.

I think it is only in Indian weddings that a separate group has been formed where these aunties get to showcase their skill. A night before the wedding, I saw girls booking the aunties for the next day saree-draping sessions. “Anita aunty, you will drape my saree first tomorrow’’. And just like that, so many other aunties were called dips on. These aunties at Indian weddings are no less than staff at pit-stop. All it takes is a few safety pins, 5 minutes and tada! You name the style: they will still need just 5 minutes.

However, I also noticed how these young lasses (including me) were busy taking selfies even while the saree was getting draped. Whereas, these deprived aunties at the job of beautifying young girls were just meant to do the task – that we call a favor. Sadly it is, the society that thinks women who cross 40s aren’t attractive and eventually making these aunties believe the same for themselves. Let’s not make our society the ‘Indian Wedding’ and let’s not divide this section. They are not meant to do few tasks we list for them and think they are good at it. They are good at enjoying the ‘Shaadi ka Laddoo’ too, alias the little fun of life!

Ah! I am waiting for my 40s when I can drape sarees of few 20 year olds with thin waist, giving me complex and making me go sigh while memorizing this moment I penned down this article.

By Lavanya Bahuguna,

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