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Period Is Not A Disease Or A Handicap, Says Marathon Runner Shilpi Sahu

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  •  March 15, 2019

“Period is not a disease or a handicap for women. It is normal and natural and I hate disrupting my usual schedule during my period, although I may take it a bit easy if I feel uncomfortable.” says marathon runner Shilpi Sahu.

An engineer by profession, Shilpi is a long distance runner who prefers to run barefoot. “I sign up for 3-4 full marathons, a couple of halves and a couple of 10K races every year. Most of the races are local in Bangalore or nearby, except the Mumbai marathon. Accordingly, I train for these with nearly 4-5 days of running in a week during the peak season.”

Busting the myths related to periods, she shared with SheThePeople, “I advocate using menstrual cups and cloth pads, period panties to manage periods, especially for physically active women. They make periods less of a pain to manage and I am very cross with the world that I did not find about menstrual cups sooner (not until 2013). Apart from being super comfortable, rash free, they are eco-friendly. They are reusable and last up to 10 years, unlike disposable or sanitary pads and tampons that end up in the landfills or have to be burnt.”

“I think running during the period is a personal choice. For most women, there is no problem in running during periods if they feel like getting some exercise. The endorphins released during exercise can actually help in period pain.”

H/T: SheThePeople 

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