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Himanshu Roy

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Period-Inspired Jewellery Hits Market! Too Much or Too Cool?

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  •  December 2, 2015


So the next time you are thinking about buying some snazzy jewellery that goes in sync with the latest fashion, how about ornaments which are themed on menstruation?

When London-based designer Lili Murphy-Johnson uploaded photos of her new jewellery collection on her website, it did raise quite a few eyebrows. All of the ornaments are spectacularly different from conventional stuff.


From rings having the shapes of sanitary napkins to ornaments which look like menstrual waste, the creations are artworks of one of a kind.

So what was the idea behind this unique collection that is currently doing the rounds of the internet?

Johnson says that the collection not only reflects the menstrual cycle but also the emotions that women feel throughout period.

Well, the idea is indeed thought-provoking. At a time when there is still a sort of hush hush attitude prevailing in the society towards menstruation, the concept urges us to speak about ‘periods’ in a ‘normal’ way.867144451

It is after sifting through the jewellery collection that one slowly starts to grasp what the super talented designer wants to say.

Some of the ornaments which include bracelets, brooches, bead embroideries and rings look like blood smeared pubic hair while a few appear as menstrual waste products.

This is what Johnson, who is only 22, wanted to say with a gravity of someone much older. She wants to say that look, however grotesque and shameful the society might have made periods look, but actually it is just another bodily function, without which, the human race wouldn’t be able to reproduce.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

And how did the idea of this unique collection came into her mind!

Guess what…PMS!

Apparently she gets quite bad PMS and that is what propelled her to work on this project. She wanted her creations to look the way she emotionally and physically feels during the menstrual cycle and the fact that how period affects the body and mind.

Well, way to go girl!

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