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People Describe Their Partners To Police Sketch Artist. Results Are Hilarious.

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  •  July 25, 2015

Do you know your partner’s face really well? Can you name the exact shape of his/her face and eyes? Do you remember which color his/her hair is?

DistractifyVideo conducted a fun activity with few couples. One by one, each person was asked to describe his/her partner to a police sketch artist who was supposed to draw them.

The women described their partners using the reference of celebs like Backstreet boys and someone from Game of Thrones! T hey said things like:

“Eyebrows…long, bushy.”

“He has got a beard like a magician.”

“A goatee with a beard..”

“I am making him look like he’s in his 40s.”

On the other hand, men said things like:

“Very kinda sweet…but underlying evil and anguish.”

“Big eyes…she is not Asian, she is Dutch.”

“Eyebrows…she puts makeup so they look full.”

“Blondie-brown hair that goes till shoulder.”

“Her hair start from the back of forehead…like a capital ‘D’.”


Okay, enough said. Watch the video here and see the reactions when they showed their partners the outcome!

Inspite of all the ‘blunders’, they kissed each other and said ‘I still love you”. Aww.

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