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Past Incidents About 15 Y.O. Main Accused In Kathua Rape Case Show His Violent Side

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  •  April 14, 2018

The accused from the Kathua rape case – a 15-year-old boy, his 62 years old uncle, and 22-year-old cousin are in police custody now. The boy is in a juvenile home and the uncle and cousin are in jail. 

Of these three, the 15-year-old boy is the “main executioner” of the horrific crime of kidnapping, raping, and killing the girl inside a temple in Kathua’s Rassana village, according to the investigators. Going by the charge-sheet filed, the abduction, sexual assault, and killing of the 8-year-old Bakarwal girl was part of a carefully planned strategy by him to remove the minority nomadic community from the area.

According to Hindustan Times, the hatred for the community came from a fight he was indulged in with some Gujjars (nomadic grazers) a few months ago. His mother informed, “Around three months before he was picked up by the police (for the Kathua rape-murder)… my son and his friends were involved in a fight with some Gujjars (nomadic grazers). The boys were ‘eating and drinking’ near their homes when they were beaten up by the Gujjars. They then lodged a police complaint against him.”

Through the incidents shared by his family members, the boy seems to be a violent and aggressive kid. The police claimed that the reason he was expelled from his school last year in October was his “unruly behaviour with school girls”. After his expulsion from the school, his mother sent him to his uncle’s house in Rassana village for further studies.

The boy’s cousin said that he smokes and drinks like “most teenagers in towns do nowadays”. He continues to say, “He was naughty, but wouldn’t rape and kill someone. He was afraid of the dark and wouldn’t even venture out to lock the house gate at night.”

And, the charge-sheet filed uncovers other horrifying facts of the case. According to it, the 15-year-old boy had been sexually assaulting the girl before he abducted her on January 10. A police officer said, Whenever the boy encountered the girl looking for her horses in the village forest, he would allegedly touch her sexual organs on the pretext of cleaning her up.” 

The police shared details of the devastating crime. After the boy and his friends kidnapped the girl on January 10, they “took turns to rape her before taking her to a temple”. The police in the charge sheet mentioned that the boy and his friends repeatedly raped the girl over the next four days until they killed her on January 13 and also allegedly called his cousin from Meerut to “satisfy his lust”.

Mehbooba Mufti, the Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, has written to the chief justice of the Jammu and Kashmir high court on Saturday, requesting to set up a special fast-track court to try the gang rape and murder of the eight-year-old. This would complete the trial in 90 days.

Mehbooba Mufti on Twitter

I commend the manner in which the people of Jammu dismissed communal forces & were unwavering in their support for a little girl. It has strengthened my belief that Jammu serves as a model of inclusiveness & together the people of J&K inspire secular unity & righteousness.

Along with that, the state government has decided to terminate special police officers (SPO) Deepak Khajuria and Surender Verma, head constable Tilak Raj, and sub-inspector Anand Dutta from service for their involvement in the heinous crime.

Veteran actor and politician Hema Malini tweeted and demanded death penalty for the accused.

Hema Malini on Twitter

Daily newspaper reports of rape happening in every part of our country! Kathua, Unnao are but 2 of the long list of shame. Can these mindless rapists even be classified as human beings? They are beasts on the rampage & shd be hanged to death for their heinous crimes

The incident has shaken, disgusted, and shamed the nation. Adding to the horror have been a few careless remarks by politicians and a few coming in defense of the accused. This has had a lot of celebrities come forward demanding justice for the 8-year-old.

Sonam Kapoor on Twitter

I am Hindustan. I am Ashamed. #JusticeForOurChild 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In ‘Devi’-sthaan temple. #Kathua

Mini Mathur on Twitter

Our hearts burn with tears & rage. #JusticeForOurChild #Kathua #JusticeforAsifa

Swara Bhasker on Twitter

I am Hindustan. I am Ashamed. #JusticeForOurChild #JusticeForAasifa 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In ‘Devi’-sthaan temple. #Kathua and lest we forget #unnao Shame on us! #BreakTheSilence #EndTheComplicity #ActNow


Ab bhi jiska khoon na khaula, khoon nahin woh paani hai. #JusticeForAsifa #JusticeForUnnao #JusticeForOurChild #WakeUpTheGovernment #ArrestTheGuilty Don’t let this matter be pushed aside by the news-cycle driven media. Raise your voice, put up your own pictures and tag me.

Aahana Kumra on Twitter

Rape is an act of violence. It should be banned. I am Hindustan. I am Ashamed. #JusticeForOurChild #JusticeForAasifa 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In ‘Devi’ – sthaan temple. #Kathua and lest we forget #unnao Shame on us. #BreaktheSilence #EndTheComplicity #ActNow #BanRape

Kalki केकला on Twitter

Neha Dhupia on Twitter


Shruti Seth on Twitter

I am Hindustan. I am ashamed. #justiceforourchild 8 years old! GANGRAPED!!! MURDERED in ‘devi’sthan TEMPLE #kathua

Gul Panag on Twitter

I am Hindustan. I am Ashamed. #JusticeForOurChild 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In ‘Devi’-sthaan temple. #Kathua

We can’t bring back the little girl but we hope and pray that justice is served.

H/T: Hindustan Times

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