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  •  January 21, 2014


Since childhood, I had always wanted to be an artist, to have a studio of my own & wanted to pursue art in every way I could. But, parents being doctors, with their own nursing home, expected of me to take up science & pursue a degree in medicine. As most doctor parents, mine too, wanted me to follow in their footsteps. 

When it was my turn to opt for subjects in class X, of course, I opted for Arts but my mother had other plans for me. She went to my school, St. Angela’s Sophia; met with my Principal, Sister Theodora, and got my subjects changed to Science. And I had no option but to go along with their decision. Believe it or not, during my college days, to reach my science department, I had to cross the Fine Arts department where I made many friends, who in turn used to take my help in doing their art assignments. In a tussle with my parents over the issue of my choice, they let me paint but not let me take Fine Arts as a subject. Every spare moment I had, it was devoted to my hobby of drawing and painting. I would sketch portraits of my friends & gift to them. I even sketched a portrait of my fiancé for his birthday. (psssst….now that he’s my husband, I do my dart practice on the same sketch!) Jokes apart, he’s actually the one who gave me moral support and encouraged me to continue with my passion.


I kept practicing with different media, developed my own style of work; my childhood dream was finally realized when we both, through our hard work, got a studio made. It was through sheer hard work, perseverance, consistent practice and the grace of God that I taught myself art.

Meanwhile, my parents and I realized that though we were dreaming for two different paths, the destination was the same – My Happiness. And I believe that my passion & achievements have proved to be a reason for them to be proud of me.

And here I am, painting on canvases, boards, sarees & making murals on walls. I have been holding solo shows, participating in group art camps & shows in various renowned art galleries throughout India, teaching art to dedicated students and preparing candidates aspiring for degrees in design and architecture.

Besides art, I am an ardent reader, knitter and love to indulge myself in gardening. I have always wished for a degree in Arts. In this fast paced time, it’s a must to hold a degree to be able to adorn the walls or have your works curate by renowned galleries. Being a self taught artist, it has not been an easy task. My experience became my mentor and I kept walking the path of my dreams. Still doing…

My message to all: Keep Going! What the heart desires, one definitely receives. What you want will always be given to you, no matter what.

“Unche-neeche raaste aur mazil teri durr raah me raahi ruk naa jaanaa ho kar tu majabur.”

By Surbhi Soni,

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