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Parenting Tips: How to bring out the creative side of your child

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  •  January 28, 2015


The book launch event at JLF called ‘Chhote Haath Badi Baat’, a book by Bal Bhavan School, threw light on many ways we can do our parenting right. Creativity can boost up anyone’s mind, so how can we encourage our kids to move beyond regular studies and explore the other side? The session tells it all.

It was not just an ordinary book launch. The book ‘Chhote Haath Badi Baat’ comprises of many writings by the school kids talking about important social issues like old age, health problems from tobacco, etc. Listening to their inspiring words made us wonder how these young minds could put their views with such sophistication and intelligence. Definitely, Chhote Haath lekin Badi Baat.


Few kids came up on stage and shared their poems from the book. One such poem was ‘Kaale Zehriley Baadal’ speaking about how smoking by the man can harm his child and wife. A special kid also quoted Gandhi telling about how much he was inspired by Mahatama’s words.

In the second half, the school’s head Ms. Charanjeet Dhillon took over the stage talking about many ways her school had implemented to bring out the creative side of small students. Read below few of her tips that can make parenting a little more effective.

  • We let the kids do mistakes. We don’t scold them because that would stop them from experimenting in future. Their mistakes are their best weapon to correct them.
  • We have named every workshop after a festival celebration because fests attract children:

For water conservation classes, we have named it Jal Mahotsav.

For cultural programs, we’ve named it Sahitya Spandan.

For environmental issues, we’ve called the workshop Maitri Mela and Maati Utsav.


Using such terms, the whole ambiance turns into a playground for the little minds where they can learn while having fun.

  • To let your child explore his creative side, make him/her read established writers from different backgrounds. Let them choose what genre interests them.

Another renowned Writer Mr. Nandkishore was present at the session who also shared few tips on how we can generate interest of book reading in kids. He said: “Parents must ask their kids to write what they feel about everything – their school, best friend, feelings when they are loved, feelings when they are being scolded, etc. Let them write their heart and show it to you. In this way, they are not only sharing their daily life with the family but also are getting ready for a bigger platform. This will help them better their writing skills as time progresses.”


He further added: “Unlike our time, kids these days have stage to showcase their writings. They have school magazines, local newspapers, etc. Our time was different. When I was a kid, my teacher never liked what I used to write. Leave alone the thought of going to the press and asking them to publish my work. I was scared. This fear shouldn’t be allowed to enter in the hearts of the today’s generation.”

He makes a valid point. We hope this article has helped you in some way to better your parenting skills. Write to us!

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