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Apeksha Bagchi

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Parent, Not PM, Justin Trudeau Pens Down His Dreams Of A Free World

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  •  October 12, 2017


It is 2017 people and though we have marked 11th October as International Day of Girl Child, we are far from celebrating the rights of women – a thought that is seconded by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a recent essay, he conveys his inherent desire to make a world where equality reigns, not gender.

In an exclusive essay for, the Prime Minister shares his dreams of making the world more just and equal, starting with Canada. “I am in politics because every day, I get to work to make the world a little better—for my kids, and for yours.”  Mr. Trudeau has three children with wife Sophie Trudeau: son Xavier, nine, daughter Ella-Grace, eight and three-year-old son Hadrien.

“Some of the most important work I do is not as a political leader, but as a parent,” he writes in the essay. He realizes that the society will only change when its future generation is given the right atmosphere and lessons. And he has that opportunity, wherein he is nurturing empathy, compassion, self-love, and a keen sense of justice in his three kids.

Being aware of the world that his daughter will grow into, he knows that she will face discrimination for the very fact that she is a girl. “It is maddening to me that my brilliant, compassionate daughter will grow up in a world where, despite everything she is as a person, there will still be people who won’t take her voice seriously, who will write her off—simply because of her gender,” he writes.

But it’s just not his daughter he is rearing up as feminist but his sons too, to arm them with the knowledge to fight the culture of sexism.

“I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to men and to the people around them. I want them to be comfortable being themselves, and being feminists—who stand up for what’s right, and who can look themselves in the eye with pride.”

He aspires for a world where everyone is treated with respect and recognition, where all people have the same rights and freedom. And he knows only children, who grow up respecting each other devoid of the demarcation of gender can make that dream a reality.

“To raise our kids feminist is to honor their future, because they have the responsibility—and the power—to shape it for the better.”

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