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Pankaj Kothari & Smurfs Are Coming To Spoil Your Little Boy With Their Haute Couture

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  •  October 3, 2015


“Striking teal tones are a must-have for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season”, guides fashion designer Pankaj Kothari.

Pankaj is a part of our ‘Classroom on Wheels’ campaign in which we are planning an event to raise funds by selling the art-pieces made out of old school bags. 14These art-pieces are designed by 10 renowned designers of Jaipur city. The generated funds will be utilized for hiring a teacher and renting a mini-van that will take him and other necessary items across Jaipur slums. The teacher will assist kids after school, covering at least 3 slums a day.

Pankaj who owns a brand called PKIN is working whole-heartedly towards making this cause a success.2

Pankaj chose a blue colored velvet school bag. Although that bag is quite small in size, Pankaj is drawn towards the motif drawn on it which he thinks will help him create something quirky for a little boy.

He said, “The Smurfs is one of my favorite movies. The blue-base is heavily featured in menswear worldwide, somehow! And since PKIN is solely for men, I will be creating a jacket, cap and shirt for a Nawaab-toddler. I will make a crispy white shirt…6

…while the jacket and cap remains blue, using the fabric of the bag.”

Since we LOVE Smurfs too, we asked him what concretely he’ll do with the Smurf patch and its logo!?18

He explained, “Don’t worry; I will use them separately in jacket and cap.”9

So here’s how you can keep it teal this season, dear boys! “And Dandy!” added Pankaj, “Do you see these straps? I will put them as Slim Braces. I would like the little boy to wear this creation with a black pencil trousers.”11


Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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