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Pallavi Jaipur Bags Out An Idea For Winter: A Chair, A Fireplace, & A Tea Cozy

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  •  October 6, 2015


“I am kind of good at knitting and embroidering, but your project has proved to be quite a challenger taking my creativity a step forward. After all, it’s all about recycling an old school bag into something usable”, giggled fashion designer Pallavi Jaipur when we met her at her brand’s industrial site.

Pallavi, along with 9 other renowned designers of Jaipur, is juggling with her creative side to bring out a masterpiece that will be put on sale on October 11 at Spice Court, Civil Lines. The event is JWB’s social project ‘Classroom on Wheels’ which, along with the support of these designers and Social Entrepreneur Mr. Sudhir Mathur, aims to collect funds for the after-school classes of slum kids. JWB plans to hire teacher(s) who will travel across Jaipur slums every day helping these kids complete homework and study for their upcoming exams.

Pallavi chose a blue-dye school bag from the big lot we’d put infront of her. Remember how we blindfolded her and other designers, and asked them to choose one bag they want to experiment with? Pallavi told us a little secret of how her creation will be a stand-out piece.


She said, “Since I am someone who enjoys drinking tea way too much, I’ve decided to make something for my fellow tea-lovers. I’m making a tea-cozy set using the fabric of the bag, which, as you can see, hasn’t lost its original shine and texture.” When the celebrity designer herself approves of the cloth, there is no doubt we double-check it. So we just nodded.


While we were there, all set with our camera, Pallavi showed us what exactly her artwork looks like.

5 10

And as our photographer described, it was as if some Bollywood romantic scene was being filmed infront of us. Amid the soft breeze playing with her tresses, Pallavi looked every bit of Madhuri Dixit to us.



Ahem! Coming back to her artwork, don’t we just love it? She said she could even give the tea-cozy a shape of a baby elephant’s back!! OMG, this is going to be super-cute!


We can’t wait for this 11th to arrive. Neither can Pallavi herself. Well atleast her FB post proves so:


Makings from the old to the newBag + tearing + cutting + sketching + chai + glass = tea cozy setCheers to “CLASSROOM…

Posted by Pallavi Jaipur on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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