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Pakistan’s Nargis Latif Is Turning Garbage Into Homes. Read How.

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  •  September 3, 2016


Nargis Latif has an army of rag-pickers who collect the trash and convert it into valuables. Her organization is called Gul Bahao (flow the flowers), a social that uses garbage to create houses, water reservoirs, fodder for livestock, and instant compost.

This is the magic of recycling, dear world.

Nargis is inspired by James Watt’s steam engine. She told Dawn, “Gul bahao is engineering a technological revolution on the same lines. These young people (rag pickers) are barely educated but are very intelligent and have the street smarts to understand the utility of a particular kind of garbage. Together with my penchant for conducting research and their intelligence, Gulbahao has invented many cost effective products that are useful in our daily lives.”

Nargis Latif

Gul bahao has done some interesting inventions. This includes making compost from wet garbage ‘vegetable and fruit peels and leaves are ground, mobile toilet made from a big-sized carton that can be used as a cubicle for the purpose of a toilet or bathroom on unpaved ground, Paaki Paani in which transparent plastic or glass bottles are filled with tap water and are kept in the sun for a couple of hours (three hours at the maximum) to get water that is germ-free.

In 2005, Nargis made pre-fabricated low-cost housing for the homeless and named them ‘Chandi Ghar’. These houses were made using Was-tic blocks. These blocks are made from dry raw material compressed into wooden frames that serve as the alternate building material, even “portable furniture and cushions”.


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