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On World Animal Day, JWB Meets Micky Rahi Who Has 22 Dogs

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  •  October 5, 2015


On the occasion of World Animal Day, let’s meet two sisters who have offered their life towards the betterment of animals.

We met Mrs. Micky Rahi of Jaipur, who has given shelter to 22 dogs in her home. Micky and her sister Biba, as kids, witnessed their parents helping and caring for animals in distress. From monkeys, goats, cats, pigeons to even tadpoles, their family embraced every kind of animal that came their way. IMG_9450The sisters, along with their siblings, grew up in an environment where humans and animals lived merrily, just like in the stories from a children’s book. But with time, the other ugly side of human beings started to irk the sisters when they saw animals being beaten, starved, abandoned, and kicked by people. Thereafter, the duo decided to become the voice of such speechless animals, especially those living in the streets.


Micky Rahi

Micky told us, “The 22 dogs that are living in my house are rescued and consist of both well-bred ones as well as strays. Each day of these 9 years that I have been in Jaipur has been dedicated to animals. Apart from this, I feed lunch and dinner to 13 stray dogs living in our colony every day.” IMG_9361

Micky not only does this, but also travels in a van carrying food for stray dogs. She informed, “Every night, the van moves in the lanes of Jaipur city, sometimes even to Bagru, to feed dogs and other animals. Whenever I am not able to go, the servants make sure to carry on the tradition. Do you know this van was donated by another fellow animal-lover?”


Micky feeding the stray dogs

During the conversation, Micky’s adorable recued pugs – Bacardi and Tequila – joined us to be a part of this conversation.IMG_9418

Biba, who lives in Mumbai, performs a similar noble act every single day. She said, “I cook for more than 40 dogs every day that live in my locality. All of them know when their lunch and dinner time is. Sharp at 1 pm and 7 pm, they sit in a row outside the apartment gate and wait for me with wagging tongues and happy faces.”IMG_9466

Cooking for animals is another level of human-love, we guess. When asked about the special menu, she quipped, “Oh, definitely! They get to eat home-cooked chicken biryani, roasted chicken, roti with green veggie, etc. This is followed by a dessert which can be a piece of sweet or some ice-cream! Few of my neighbours tried to ‘guide’ me that I shouldn’t offer them something that is sweet in nature. I pity such people who, not even for once, have fed animals in their life and consider themselves a well-wisher.”IMG_9459

Biba also told us a little story about her one-legged pet, Mr. Parrot. Mr. Parrot & Biba had an interesting encounter. One day when one of her rooms was being renovated, Mr. Parrot just flew in and sat on the fan as if announcing everyone about his new territory. Mystically, the colour in which the room was being painted was green! Henceforth, this room has become Mr. Parrot’s bedroom.

Coming back to Micky, she went on to tell us how people in her locality had behaved inhumanly in order to get rid of her pets. She remembered, “There were times when this man used to come with thick sticks to beat my dogs. IMG_9385Unfortunately, he was successful a few times. But once I got to know about his ill act, I reached his home and thrashed him. I had even faced situations where people would call municipality staff to take away my dogs. According to them, they were dangerous. Those struggling days were tough.”

Micky with Naughty, the oldest of them all

Micky with Naughty, the oldest of them all

Micky notified us about a law that the Supreme Court passed in 1984 stating that animals that are born in the streets have all the right to live there.

As we talk about people who smack street animals, let us not forget to include those stone-hearted ones who buy pets only to abandon them in few days. Micky narrated us the story of Tiger whom she spotted being thrown away in a dustbin by the owners. Another who was discarded minutes after it was bought from the Dog’s fair by a family. Micky adopted this dog and named it Abby.


Micky with Abby

Another yet story was of a Saint Bernard owned by a jeweller’s family in Malviya Nagar. The bitch was only fed water and 2 chapattis a day, until Micky reached the spot and rescued her. Micky told us how this dog, who was later named Pizza, felt confused seeing a chicken dish that Micky offered to eat because ‘shehad never witnessed such kind of a delicacy before in life’.

And this is Pizza, who came in to listen to her story. She has this expression on her face saying, “Momma, I want to be groomed. My hair looks too long.”

Micky with Pizza (extreme left) and her puppy

Micky with Pizza (extreme left) and her puppy

Before leaving, we noticed how even the home décor of Micky’s home is inspired with animals. We wish you all the love and support, dear Micky.IMG_9444-2

With these stories, JWB prays that no animal in the world should live a life that lacks compassion and company of (human) friends. Just like us, even animals love to be around and spend memorable moments. Isn’t it wonderful to have a four-legged cute creature jumping around you asking, “Gimme, that biscuit!”? No doubt, it is!

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Photo courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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