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On New Podcast, This Male Gynaecologist Is Addressing Women’s Sexual Health Concerns

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  •  May 14, 2019

As communication becomes more content-centric, podcasts, without the disturbance of ads, no repetitive music, and full of well-researched, well-thought-out content, are starting to become a craze in India.

The content available through podcasts caters to every age group and mood, right from mythological series and bhajans that appeal to senior citizens, to insightful and inspirational series for millennials, and fun stories and poems for children. One among them that has been garnering a lot of attention is a podcast named She Says She’s Fine, that aims to address women’s sexual health. The first episode of the podcast was released in February this year by Mae Mariam Thomas who is the host of India’s most popular music podcasts, Maed in India.

What brings a fun twist to the podcast is that it is being hosted by Dr. Munjaal Kapadia, a Mumbai-based male gynaecologist, who aims to “bust the shackles around patient-doctor hierarchy, and create a friendly, warm environment for his patients to be treated”.

From sex, periods, miscarriages to sexually transmitted diseases, abuse, and IVF, Dr. Kapadia touches upon all the topics concerning women’s health with facts and without the bias of a man’s perspective.

Speaking about getting Dr. Kapadia on board, Thomas shared, “He has an amiability and charm that makes it so easy to talk to him. He’s calm, doesn’t judge, and makes you feel like your point of view is valid and valued. The added bonus is that he is an experienced specialist who grew up in a family of gynaecologists.”

Initially the format of the show was designed to bring on patients who are willing to talk about their health issues with the doctor, however, it soon turned into a talk-show format having two women guests per episode. The show so far has had guests that include comedian Kaneez Surka and spoken word poet Aranya Johar, who talk about their early relationship with sex, and why it was often associated with guilt, rapper Sophia Ashraf who spoke about periods, and author and journalist Meghna Pant who discusses motherhood.

Having a male host was not a surprising choice for a podcast about women, shared Thomas, as he understands the female experience in what is otherwise still a very patriarchal society. “There are men out there who are good listeners, who don’t claim to know everything about women, and are open to learning about women every day.”

The show that began to give women a platform to voice their opinions has already found a spot on podcasts lists on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. “More people need to listen to what women have to say, at home and in the workplace,” shared Kapadia. The USP of the show is also the host’s willingness to share about his own experiences as he opens up about sex talk as a teenager coming from a small town, and his wife’s miscarriage-related trauma.

H/T: The Hindu 

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