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OMG! This Senior Actor Called Vidya Balan ‘Fat’!

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  •  November 5, 2015


Actress Vidya Balan was a part of the panel discussion on Women in Film at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival recently. During the event, Vidya confessed that her issues with weight are still a talking-thing among people of the industry.

She revealed, “A very senior actor who I met a couple of days back told me, ‘Bahut moti ho gayi hai.’ I wanted to turn back and say, ‘Hormonal problem aapko bhi hai.’ How dare he! How can somebody say this to someone? With due respect to his talent, it is ridiculous when you start objectifying women.”

It is sad to see these biggies promoting body-shaming. Bollywood still needs to travel a long route, ignoring the physical parameters and appreciating the real talent.

PS – We wonder who this actor is! Any guesses?

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