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OMG! Jewelry Designer Sonal Sawansukha Battles With Superman!

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  •  September 10, 2015


Jewelry Designer Sonal Sawansukha is a ‘bag full of surprises’. So when we handed her over the old school bag from which she has to create something arty, we were quite relaxed. And, excited.

Sonal is a part of our ‘Classroom on Wheels’ campaign wherein 10 renowned designers of Jaipur are creating masterpieces using old school bags. We are organizing an event wherein these pieces will be sold to raise funds for evening tutorial classes of underprivileged school kids across city slums with the help of a full-time teacher.

This blog gives you a trailer of what Sonal is going to create.

She says, “The ‘Superman’ letters interest me in this bag. I will individually cut each one of them to construct moulds in their shapes.


With nail paint enamel, these shapes will be given colorful dimensions, after which I will use them in key chains, neck pieces, bookmarks and bag-magnets for children.”


Take a note, dear parents. All of you are free to attend our ‘Classroom on Wheels’ event where you can check out Sonal’s display to buy these lovely kids’ items for your child.

Sonal is further surprising us with a table clock made using patchwork done in the bag. She remarked, “I am using a brass/copper plate in a circular shape that will act as clock’s main body. The design will be made distinctive using motifs like thread, beads, etc.”


Look how Sonal’s expert artisans are giving their 100% towards this social cause. We are so grateful to each one of them.

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What else? Sonal is even coming up with some trendy bracelets! With colorful buttons and beads, she is giving these art-pieces a gypsy touch. Can you spot them in the extreme left?


She has promised us few more surprises using the inner part of the school bag, turning it into something extraordinaire.


However, there is one small problem. Sonal quipped, “However, I have to study Superman and his life thoroughly before all of this!”


Photo courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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