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Of When Mommy Mira Rajput Became Canvas For Her Little Daughter Spotting The Colorful Body Art

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  •  November 13, 2017


Forever ready for the shutterbugs, Shahid’s little angel Misha has always been in the limelight for her adorable ways. Recently Misha was seen with mommy dearest upending the ‘Aww’ meter. Even smeared in colors, the duo managed to floor us all.

Returning from a painting session with Misha in  Mumbai, Mira Rajput used to the media, may studiously ignore it but not Misha, no sir! She was all ears as she heard the approaching cameras and rose to give them her classic cutesy look.


…. and by the looks of it, Mira seems to be the canvas of her daughter’s creation, eh?

Winning hearts already, Misha is quite the superstar!

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