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Now You Can Watch The Other Adventures Of Kelly Kids Who Crashed The BBC Interview

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  •  April 21, 2017


Who can forget the video of cute little girl interrupting her father, Robert Kelly, who was reporting a serious piece of News for BBC, in the most adorable way!

That hippity-hoppity walk of the 4-year-old Marion that threw the people around the world into laughter! Then there was Marion’s 8-month-old brother, James, who made a special appearance in the end and cracked us up even more. (I swear I watched it on loop and kept laughing till I had tears in my eyes)

They became an overnight sensation and guess what?

Now the Kelly Kids, as they are being famously called, have their own animated YouTube series. Oh, yes!

Hans House Productions released the first episode of “The Adventures of Mina and Jack,” series inspired by Marion and James’s incident, On April 17. The show follows Mina and Jack ― “a mischievous duo who can’t help but get into trouble … and on the news.”

In the three-minute long episode, Mina and Jack join their father, who works for the U.N., on a trip to North Africa to catch a gold thief.

 “I thought it was so cute,” Robert stated in a press release. “My wife and I both laughed. They made me look suitably dorky.”

Imagine Marion actually gatecrashing and interrupting Mina and Jack in the animated series. Would love that, right? Me too!

Kbye!*watching the BBC clip again*

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