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Now Women Constitute 40% Of Deutsche Bank India’s Top-Management. Yay!

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  •  August 11, 2015


Corporate Gender Diversity is not just another terminology in the feminist bible, but also the new-found key objective of the pioneering global finance service-provider firm: Deutsche Bank.

Emerging as the only firm in India to make this move, Deutsche Bank has raised its top management diversity to 40 percent women. Currently, almost 33% of the bank’s Indian workforce of 11,000 employees constitutes women; and the topmost decision making body accounts for six females. The bank is undoubtedly way ahead of its contemporaries in terms of equitable corporate gender diversity.

“A lot of this was driven not because it is globally fashionable, but out of enlightened self-interest. Study after study shows that organizations that have a good gender mix in senior management tend to be much more efficient, cohesive and productive,” says Ranjeet Gill, CEO, Deutsche Bank India.

Impressed much? Well, this is not just it. The Bank also resolutes to debunk gender barriers by unconscious bias training and by enforcing a sponsorship programme for women leaders.

Hear what the six women in power have to say…

Sandhya Vasudevan, COO, Deutsche Bank:

“We are very strongly driven by meritocracy but we try to make sure that barriers are eliminated.”

Anjali Mohanty, head of global transaction business:

“For us gender diversity is a business led initiative and not an HR led practice.”

Anjaallee Paatil, head of legal team:

“If I did not have the requisite support from seniors and colleagues, I would possibly have been happy doing a desk job 9am-5pm.”

Radha Dhir, head of corporate banking:

“The culture that the bank promotes is collaborative, inclusive and diverse and that has had multiple benefits.” 

Radhika Kamat, head of taxation:

“It is the flexible work culture, consistent enrichment and recognition that has kept me engaged with the bank for 17 years.”

Madhavi Lall, head of HR:

“For diversity and inclusion to be truly embedded, every single line manager needs to be sensitive.”

Much kudos Deutsche Bank! Need we say we are impressed?

We genuinely believe that a healthy gender ratio at the corporate workplaces accentuates productivity by adding that extra tinge of profundity that comes effortlessly to women!


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