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Apeksha Bagchi

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Now It Is Armpit Vagina Who Threatens Women’s Body Positivity

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  •  December 5, 2017


While we are still, literally, waging war against body image issues like body hair, different shapes, and skin color, another latest body-fad has come into limelight. Named as the ‘Armpit vagina’ and if you ask celebrity stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, she would say it is something that all female celebrities fear more than anything!

Trying to guess what this latest concern of the ladies is? This ‘armpit vagina’ is formed when a woman wears a tight dress that pushes their armpits up, creating a crease that resembles a rather familiar shape.

The phrase is said to have been coined by actor Jennifer Lawrence, who complained about it at the 2014 SAG awards where she wore a tight sequin dress

She told reporters at the time: “I know I have armpit fat, it’s OK… it’s armpit vaginas.”

Corbin-Murray has worked with stars like Emma Watson and Sophie Turner and has revealed that it’s not just Lawrence who is worried about this seemingly weird body issue.

“They say: ”I’ve got this horrible blah-blah”, and you think ”What are they even talking about?’”

Charlie Kelner 💫 on Twitter

So apparently there’s now a name for that bit of chub I always complain about every time I wear a strappy dress? An armpit vagina? AN ARMPIT VAGINA?

This concern may seem baseless to many but is a matter of grave concern among the celebs who go to extreme measures to have it removed! “I had my armpit sucked out,” said model Chrissy Teigen in reply to someone who asked what was the craziest treatment she had ever received during an interview.

Can someone tell me exactly when are we stopping this judgemental attitude towards a woman’s body? Who made it compulsory to follow all the senseless beauty standards to fall into the category of ‘red carpet ready?’ And why do we as women tend to blindly run after them, knowing in our hearts how futile their achievement is?

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