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Komal Panwar

Blogger & Singer

Now An Instagram Sensation, This Little Boy Probably Has Better Makeup Skills Than Any Of Us

  • IWB Post
  •  May 18, 2017


Gender roles, they never seem to disappoint us, do they? We are assigned roles & expected to behave a certain way when we grow up. Even before children are born, we keep blue bassinets ready for boys and pink ones for girls.

Yeah, we welcome them into a divided society. A little boy, Jack, from the U.K., posted a makeup tutorial online, and it was later shared on Facebook with a caption, “You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?” Jack enjoys about 50k followers on Instagram.

The post attracted many positive and negative comments.

Jack goes by @makeupbyjack on Instagram with a 45k following. He posts photos and videos of his favorite makeup look on his account.

Even though it’s beautiful that we’re blurring the gender lines, and that even the parents are encouraging their children, the pressure of being ‘social media celebrities’ should not restrict the children from experiencing their childhood. Yes, at that, we at IWB believe that childhood is a very important part of our lives and must remain uncompromised. Do they really want to turn into adults, this soon?

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