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Not taking seriously sexual harassment issue? Play this game!

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  •  April 3, 2015


The game has been created by Nina Freeman, a game designer. The game is meant to spread the awareness of sexual harassment. The game shows a girl names Nina who goes to a bar to meet up with a friend. You get to take decisions as ‘Nina’ as the game progresses which will decide her fate for the evening.

In the game Nina is shown waiting for her friend who has invited her to a bar. You get to choose what Nina will wear – jeans or a mini skirt, if she enters the bar with/without her friend, if she choose to dance with the man hitting in her or not.

At the end you will see that regardless of the choices made, Nina ends up being sexually harassed and assaulted by a bouncer. Nina’s friend thinks it’s not a big deal and it happens.

In an interview, Nina said –

“I was trying to evoke the fear and confusion that I remember feeling when I had this experience as a college freshman. This incident was largely brushed aside by my friends at the time as ‘not a big deal,’ because ‘it happens to everyone.'”

“I always wanted to make something that could help people understand that being harassed is indeed a big deal. I know it’s a big deal, because I experienced it, and it was scary and traumatic. Freshman Year is meant to help [a] player embody my lived experience, so that they may better understand the gravity of my experience with harassment.”

You can play this game here.

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