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Why not to hit a woman? Learn it from boys!

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  •  January 7, 2015

“In the kid’s world, women don’t get hit”, said 6-year-old Alessandro.

Italian news organization Fanpage has shot a video with kids. They asked 4 boys (aged 7-11) to slap a girl standing infront of them. So, do they slap?

Boys’ response is priceless showing them react to the subject of violence against women. Fanpage’s idea is to knock the minds of adults saying that an innocent heart will never raise hands on a woman, no matter what.



See here the heart-warming video to get inspired by these little gentlemen.

However, after seeing this video again and again, we feel young boys can be taught one more thing. When the young boys were asked to caress the young girl, they immediately did so. Though with love, but their mindset does allow them to touch women, if given a chance. Focusing on this small grey area, we can teach our boys that physically loving a woman first needs her permission to do so.

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