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Artist Shows How Some Compliments Can Be Insulting

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  •  April 4, 2015


The project is called “Backhanded Compliments” by a 19-year-old artist, Vanessa Papastavros. Venessa shows how sometimes women receive compliments that are actually insults.


Venessa says –

The insult is subtle, it’s encased in some flattery, but at the end of the day it’s still singing the same broken-record tune: as a woman, you are not meeting my standards. They are often exchanged in a more personal format, and directly tailored around your insecurities. They are often said by people you know well. And, most unfortunately, they are a passive-aggressive form of body shaming that tends to leave you feeling offended but powerless to protest.

Look at the illustrations that she has created where on top, the ‘compliment cum insult’ is written; and at the bottom, the response of these girls:









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