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Nom! Nom! JWB Had A Happy World Chocolate Day With Baker Pallavi Daga

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  •  September 14, 2015


Eating chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good. With this thought in mind and already wearing huge smiles on our faces, we reached Pallavi Daga’s confectionery shop, Feast, to learn chocolate-making on the occasion of World Chocolate Day (Sept. 13).

Pallavi is the founder of Feast bakery and is famous for her customized fondant cakes. With still-watered mouths, let us tell you how we learned to melt, mould, fill-in, freeze and wrap dark chocolates!

Pallavi told us how nowadays people prefer dark chocolates over milky ones. After she put in front of us a bowl full of hot melted dark chocolate, we stared at each other with sheepish smiles.3

“Let’s get started. I am giving you moulds. All you have to do is fill each box with half a spoon of melted chocolate and spread it across evenly”, guided Pallavi.6

7We nodded in unison like ideal students and began working after a small fight of who will take which tray.9

10Priyanka did a fab job within minutes, look! Don’t miss the expressions on the faces of Apoorva and Priya. *grinning*20And once they were done, Pallavi made the trays kept inside the refrigerator (at normal temperature) for 5 mints, so that the base becomes strong enough for fillings. 22Fillings? Yes!! Our next step was to create a layer of fillings using edible orange gel, butterscotch crunchies and Nutella.24 25Let us also mention how Apoorva slipped a few crunchies in her mouth while Pallavi was looking away. On the other hand, Priya had her eyes stuck on the Nutella cone. We don’t mind, after all, it was THE Nutella.30We’re glad the girls did well and impressed Pallavi. So much so, that she has invited us to be a part of her confectionery-class, ‘Variations’, in C-scheme.3631After the filling-process was over, Pallavi asked the girls to do the final layering with the same hot chocolate sauce. She told us the perfect way to even it out. “Tap the tray slowly on the table and you’ll see how the chocolate flows proportionately at every corner of the mould. Mind it, there shouldn’t be any ‘pimple’ formation”, announced Pallavi.

“Err…but mine has got few already”, quipped Priya. 49

“Tap it, tap it well girl”, exclaimed Pallavi.

“Tap. Tap. Tap”, said Priya.

And victory!62Meanwhile, Apoorva, acted clever and asked Pallavi to do it for her so that she gets to gift ‘perfect’ chocolates to her mommy. Do you remember her doing something similar in one of our earlier activities? 50The most patient one was Priyanka who took ALL the time in the world to fix those 6 chocolate moulds. 53
Finally, their 3 trays were put inside the freezer for next 15 minutes after which the hand-made chocolates looked like this6769

“And although, I am not very good at packaging, I will still happily tell you, girls, how you can easily wrap your chocolates in these sheets”, smile Pallavi.84Have a look at the final outcome! Yay!100And here are the final statements our chocolate-experts made:

Child-like Priyanka: “I crave chocolate all the time, can’t believe I made so manyyy!94Over-emotional Apoorva: “I probably have a little every day from these pieces. I want to keep the memories alive.”95Intellectual Priya: “I will soon write an article ‘Why Women Need Chocolate’.”

So this was it, friends. We thank Pallavi Daga for giving us time and adding this interesting day in our JWB Weekend diary.

PS – If you want to spend a Saturday with our team teaching us something interesting and fun, write to us at

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