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Nisha Kapashi, A New-Yorker Who Left Everything To Become A Nun

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  •  September 11, 2015


A perfect life in New York, a comfy job and an illustrious career ahead of her.  But would you give that all up to be a nun? Well apparently Nisha Kapashi did exactly that. Born and brought up in America, this Indian American girl, who once upon a time had the dream of being a fashionista, now lives as a nun in India.

It was amidst the commotion filled life of a New Yorker, that Nisha slowly started feeling that her enviable job or the dinners at posh New York hotels were not bringing her happiness. Only a 23-year-old at that time, Nisha tried hard to know the reason of this void in her life.

Technically everything was alright. Apart from a good job, she also had a very close friend circle and a cosy apartment at the heart of the city. To her surprise, Nisha found out that the moment she stopped caring much for her physical appearance or the type of clothes she wore, she slowly started founding solace. It was this sense of being content with herself which brought her more maturity and a positive approach towards life.

Next step? She left her job, joined a Jain study group and eventually moved to India and became a Jain nun and student of Jain literature. Currently she dresses only in the white garb of a nun, had her hair cut off and meditates for 90 minutes daily. Nisha says that living her life as a nun, she has found inner peace, which in the past had always eluded her.

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