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A Nighty Tale

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  •  December 22, 2014


I have always found shopping trips to the market with Priya every week to be extremely boring and an utter waste of time… Well till now!  

As my dear wifey is busy selecting from a pile of sarees in the market (some of which by the way are extremely pricey), a woman standing in the shop opposite to us catches my attention. I can’t believe my eyes… Is she wearing a nighty??

Now I am definitely not a fashionista, but I can proudly say that my late night viewing of Fashion TV (after Priya is asleep) has improved my fashion sense apart from contributing to their viewership. But what is this that I am seeing? An Indian woman walking in the streets of Jaipur wearing a nighty??

I look around and see that I was not the lone bystander who is staring at the lady in front of us. Well you cannot blame them. If you dare to wear a nighty in broad daylight, surely you cannot expect that stranger men won’t stare at you. What further infuriates me is the fact that she seems to be completely careless of the attention she is generating.

An unpleasant thought suddenly crosses my mind. I have very often seen countless men walking in the road proudly wearing nothing but a lungi which barely covers their modesty. They also seem to have a special glow in their face, as if they are proud to have the opportunity to display their hairy bodies to the great big world, especially women. But of course, they are men. How can we even think that a woman wearing a nighty and a man wearing a lungi is same, even though both of them are for the same purpose of wearing something comfy?

It’s not that she is looking bad. On the contrary the way the dress is complementing her figure seems to be very interesting for me and my fellow nighty gazers. Wel,l we gotta accept we are becoming a little impatient because we are not able to see her face as she is standing with her back to us. I get the feeling that among our group of kindred nighty admirers, whose eyes till now have been fixated on her hips, the anticipation is now building up to see her face, and how the nighty looks around her breasts. Who thought that a boring market trip with my ever-complaining wife could be so exciting!

A middle aged man who was standing beside me suddenly lets out a sigh “Bhartiya sanskriti ko to puri tarah se bhrasht kar rakhi he in logo ne.” Although the way he huffed and sighed after completing the sentence, it was hard to fathom that whether he was lamenting because wearing a nighty was against Indian values or because of his disappointment from the fact that the woman had finished her shopping and was now about to leave the shop.

Aha at last we can see her face. Oh no, what is this. This is Shobha, the best friend of Priya!!! A woman who likes to speak her mind and who I have long suspected deliberately fills my wife’s mind with all kinds of ideas which I will invariably dislike. She has also spotted me and is coming to my direction, smiling. All of my concerns about her nighty and face disappears as I think that if she has realized that I was a part of the group staring at her and tells Priya about it then, in colloquial Hindi… Meri to VAAT lag jayegi!!

I hear a loud shriek of joy as my wife has also seen her friend and almost runs to hug her. Shobha nods at me smilingly before being immersed in her conversation with Priya.

In the meanwhile I see that all my nighty gazing friends are looking at me in a way as if I have betrayed them big time. All of their eyes hold the same accusation: “Who, the hell, is this man who till now was just another nighty fantasizing commoner and suddenly has become someone from the “privileged class” of people who know women wearing nighties in the road!!!” I quietly ignore them and go to stand behind my wife and Shobha.

As after almost half an hour they decide to call it a day and finally finish their “girl talk”, Shobha takes leave from my wife and smiles at me “nice seeing you too Mr. Gupta”. I do likewise and release a breath of respite after she leaves. “So did you see the dress she was wearing? I want one like that.” Priya declares emphatically.

OH No…My wife wearing a nighty, roaming the streets filled with scores of nighty gazers??? But I know that it is futile to say even a word about it if I care even a little bit about not getting killed. She continues: “I want a red one like her.”  I couldn’t believe my own words “Maybe we can see that if the shops in the other side of the market have them”.

What the hell!! I am encouraging my wife to buy nighties..??? Well, it was just the thought of seeing Priya in our bedroom wearing a red nighty was somewhat nice. And as a repercussion of my slip of tongue I tag along with Priya towards the other side of the market in search of a red nighty with all the nighty gazers staring at me with disbelief in their faces.

Am I gradually turning into a feminist??????

By Deep Mukherjee,


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