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NGO Tammana To Felicitate 100 Women Entrepreneurs From Jaipur. Join The Event!

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  •  July 25, 2015

NGO Tammana is coming up with an event called ‘Tamanna Udaan Ki’ meant to felicitate 100 successful women entrepreneurs from Jaipur. To be held in Birla Auditorium on July 26 from 6-10 pm, the event will see 100 women to be honored.

The mission of this event is to make the city aware of its hidden talent in the form of these powerful women. Moreover, to inspire thousands other like them who want to make it big in their respective careers. The awards will pay gratitude to their confidence and strength that have made them successful.

We really liked their idea as they share a similar vision like ours – to share the stories of successful women from our beautiful city, Jaipur.

Aren’t you curious to know the names of the women who are going to be awarded? Let us give you a sneak-peek in the list:

  1. Nirmala Sewani, President NGO Tamanna
  2. Alka Batra
  3. Deepa Mathur
  4. Mitali Singh
  5. Namrata Vaidya
  6. Rukshmani Kumari
  7. Nirmala Rawat
  8. Rajneeral Babutta
  9. Manju Joshi
  10. Anubhooti Bhatnagar
  11. Archana Poddar
  12. Geetanjali Kasliwal
  13. Kirti Rathore
  14. Kamna Kaul
  15. Kajal Jaiman
  16. Era Tak
  17. Doorva Sharma
  18. Rakhi Shukla
  19. Anju Jain
  20. Deepika Agarwal

Everyone can go and attend this event. Women’s entry is free.

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