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New Range of English Books by Indian Authors to Read This Summer

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  •  June 3, 2015


Yesterday I went to city-based Crossword book store with my 8-year-old niece to buy books for her summer vacations. Suddenly she asked me, “Why Indian authors never write any books for kids?” I suddenly realized she was right, as there are only a handful of such Indian authors. While there are some wonderful books in the western publishing world, there are only few Indian children’s books that could give kids the much-desired multi-cultural flavor. I quickly started looking for such books in the store as well as goggled few. So here I am presenting you a list of latest English books for kids written by modern Indian authors. These books are both entertaining and knowledgeable.

My Little Body Book: Keeping Ourselves Safe
Shruti Singhal

Price: Rs 225


This book talks about the difference in male and female anatomies, and teach the importance of privacy of the body parts in a very comfortable way.

Witch Wars
Sibeal Pounder

Price: Rs 588 (approximately)


It’s a fun book. Kids both young and old will find themselves turning “one more page” in order to continue the hilarious adventures of Tiga & all the witches of Ritzy City.

The Case Files of PI Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote
Meghna Singhee

Price: Rs 199


This book comprises of an interesting thriller story with some lovely description of life in a boarding school. It talks about children’s freedom, unlikely friendships, etc.

Dear Mrs Naidu
Mathangi Subramanian

Price: Rs 224


Subramanian spins a powerful and enriching story, mixing it up with history lessons about the life of Sarojini Naidu and information about the RTE. But it is the grit and earnestness of the child protagonists to change their world that make the book such a poignant read.

Dugong and the Barracudas 
Ranjit Lal

Rs 295


This is a story of self-discovery, friendship and kindness. As a protagonist, Sushmita is heavy with promise but Lal’s portrayal of her is almost one-dimensional to the point of being unrealistic. This heroine is unapologetically fat, friendly and fearless, a first of her kind and there’s much to learn from that.

Reading is very important for kids to increase the level of their imagination and thinking. Women, get inspired by this Jaipur woman who has brilliantly developed this skill in her child. Apart from this, here are few more Indian woman authors who are great in writing story books.

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