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New Feature on Twitter to Deal With Abusive Tweets & Users

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  •  June 12, 2015


Twitter is one of our favorite social-networking sites. And more so because of its brilliant features. Few days back Twitter announced its new feature that lets you export and share block lists of abusive users with others. Yay, that means you can ask your friends to ‘Report’ the person who is sending your inappropriate tweets!

How to use the feature: Open the list of Blocked Accounts on Twitter’s settings on your browser. See the new feature ‘Advanced Options’ tab on the right hand side. The tab lets you import or export a list of users. You can then download this list and share it with others.

Easy, right?

Online trolling is not a new issue. According to new guidelines, abusive Tweeters are now required to delete Tweets violating Twitter rules that prohibit users from harassing, threatening, or disclosing private information. Users may also be asked to verify their phone number, and harassers can have their account locked out for a pre-defined period.

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