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Netflix India Fame Sharan And His #GrannyOnFire Give Us The BTS Of Their Real-Reel Life

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  •  July 10, 2019

She’s cool, she’s sassy, she can have you ROFL with her wit. And as her grandson best describes – she’s the #GrannyOnFire.

While most people only have friends to discuss their favourite Netflix shows with, Sharan Nair’s Netflix partner is none other than his cool gran and best friend, his Ammuma. If you’ve watched any of the episodes of Netflix India’s series ‘Grandma Reacts To’, you know what I am talking about. Ammuma finds Noah Centinio cute but no one can match up to Dulquer Salmaan, not even her own grandson – her expressions say it all, no twists required!

And if it has got you wondering about how Sharan managed to bring the madness he shares with his granny on social media, here’s the answer to your curiosity straight from the horse’s mouth – “It was over lunch one day, I was telling Ammuma about Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s epic re-enactment of GOT scenes, and she began to repeat the dialogues saying the most insane things. I just happened to record it on my phone and uploaded on Instagram. She didn’t know anything about it until people started coming to her saying that they loved the video. And she was like, what the hell!”


Indian Grandma Reacts To To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | Netflix

Sharan makes his grandma watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and she has some ideas about how he can impress a girl. Hint: Pazhampuris. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is a teenage rom-com movie starring Lana Condor as Lara Jean, who writes letters to all past loves, letters that are only meant for her eyes.

Then to now, this supercool granny-grandson duo has garnered a lot of attention and fan following (28k and going strong). Comes as no surprise that they are receiving a lot of acting offers, too. And if something materialises, Ammuma would love to play her real self on screen, “a nice sweet grand mom, condition I remember any dialogues that is,” she says. Haha.

In our quick conversation, Sharan shared with us some of their personal anecdotes, things that they pull each other’s leg on, and also got Ammuma to answer the fun questions we had for her. Needless to say, a lot of haha and aww moments await you here:

To begin with, what’s the secret of granny’s energy? 

“Think good thoughts, drink water, do yoga, do good for everybody.” Ammuma has gotten into her social media influencer mode! Haha.

Speaking of the influencer mode, I have some quickies for her:

#ThoughtOfTheDay – “Work hard towards your goals no matter the difficulties and struggles, and you will get where you aim to be, one day.”

A post she’d use #InstaLove for – “A photo of my family.” I asked her if it’d be my photo, and she says, “no way”. You love me the most but, right Ammuama? – I overheard Sharan bugging her. 

Her next #OOTD:

Grandma Reacts To

Granny and Sharan’s Mom

So I saw this post (below), and I wonder what she could possibly hold you at gunpoint for? Does she ever scold you on anything?

She keeps telling me to do MBA. Though earlier she wanted me to become an IAS officer; she fancied the idea of having a government car parked under her house verandah, and her IAS grandson coming home for lunch everyday. All this time I could hear granny giggling in the backdrop, and their humorous tones had me bursting into laughter, too.

And the thing that I get scolded most for is sleeping till late in the morning, Ammuma hates it. She can’t take people missing breakfast. So even if I wake up at close to lunchtime, I have to have breakfast first, and then lunch an hour later. Burp!

Gran or Gaitonde? We will never know. Or maybe we will. Later this week on @netflix_in

5,874 Likes, 29 Comments – Sharan Nair (@thesharannair) on Instagram: “Gran or Gaitonde? We will never know. Or maybe we will. Later this week on @netflix_in”

What sort of reaction did her friends and other grannies have to her swag?

They love her. She says that her friends with whom she goes for yoga and walk keep asking her about new YouTube and Netflix videos from time to time.

It’s clear from the videos that you two share a very cool bond, so how about you disclose the embarrassing stories that give her a chance to tease you?

Ammuma loves telling people about my heartbreaks. She’ll tell my friends and even if I bring a girl home, it won’t stop her from going into details. This one time she was visiting us in Russia (my parents live in Russia) and around that time I was getting over a rather painful breakup. So we were at the airport seeing her off for Kochi, and right then I came across a picture of my ex with another guy and it got me in tears. Ammuma was surprised and though she got to know the real story from my mom later, but even until today, she takes my case on it.

Indian Grandma Reacts To Lust Stories | Netflix

Open relationships, vibrators or even Radhika Apte; Sharan’s grandma has some knowledge to share about it all while watching Lust Stories. 4 shorts detailing different relationships, Lust Stories is an anthology with a different director for each story. The stories take you through the journeys of different modern relationships through the woman’s perspective.

And what about you?  

Oh, according to her my videos embarrass her. She keeps telling me that I don’t want people come to me in temple and wherever I go saying we saw your video. But let me tell you, she enjoys that attention, too. Haha.  

She seems to hold a lot of your secrets, as tells your Instagram! But there must be some memory/anecdote from your childhood that she has fun letting out?

She has a lot of fun telling people about how big a crybaby I was, and of my weird habit of throwing toys out of the window. Hahaha. I was a very shy kid and every time we had guests at our house, I’d hide and not come out. One time, an uncle aunty had come to meet Ammuma, I must have been five or six and she was carrying me in her arms. I wanted them to leave and kept whispering that in her ear while she was sitting with them, and when she didn’t listen to me I bit her on the neck; she loves narrating this incident! 

Osho and Ma Anand Sheela celebrate the homecoming of a new Rolls Royce 💵💵💵

4,628 Likes, 117 Comments – Sharan Nair (@thesharannair) on Instagram: “Osho and Ma Anand Sheela celebrate the homecoming of a new Rolls Royce 💵💵💵”

Does she ever give you dating advice, too? 

Now she’s saying she hasn’t but she does. “Don’t love ten people at the same time – please stay loyal,” is her key advice. She’ll tell me to be nice to women and to treat them well. “When you like someone, ask her out on a date, take her to a nice restaurant, and make sure she eats well. And then get her home, I’ll be your wingman and make tea and fresh banana fritters for her.” That’s Sharan’s Ammuma, guys! Jealous much? And I could hear her saying something – “whomever you’ve got home until now has loved my cooking.” Haha. I, too, have an open lunch invitation, btw!

And what is her opinion on men?

Gran has three daughters, and when they were in growing up, the atmosphere was very different from now. She sent them out to study not knowing what the world had in store. What she wanted was for her daughters to have good careers, and to find good men for the three of them. And now her three son-in-laws are like sons to her.

She likes men, added Sharan at the end – I’m sure if granny caught that, he was in for a good stare, though of course, then they would both end up laughing.

Sharan Nair on Instagram: “Nights with bae like this ❤️ #SheonlytakesRealMadrid #Fifanights”

2,753 Likes, 17 Comments – Sharan Nair (@thesharannair) on Instagram: “Nights with bae like this ❤️ #SheonlytakesRealMadrid #Fifanights”

Unlike the equation you share with your gran, there’s often a gap between the two generations – what can help in bridging it, in your opinion?

It’s a two-way thing. I know a lot of people who don’t get along with their grandparents that well, and they’d blame one another for it. Personally I think, it is important to find a middle ground. Like with Ammuma, sleeping and waking up early and having three meals a day are essentials that you can’t miss on, and it can drive me crazy – so if we hadn’t found a middle ground, our relationship couldn’t have been this amazing. Makes a lot of sense.

And lastly, would Ammuma like to take her fame in some direction, any social cause that is close to her heart?

She’d like to do something for all the starving kids in the world, to help them get education and a good life.

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