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Nepal Issues Its First Third-Gender Passport

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  •  August 14, 2015

Nepal is not only beautiful, but also a wise country.

The country has already officially considered transgenders as the third gender and is now one of only eight countries that officially recognize third gender citizens. This list includes Australia, Bangladesh, Germany, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Thailand.

The Himalayan country has now issued its first passport under a third-gender category for sexual minorities. Activist Manoj Shahi, a transgender who prefers to be called Monica, has become country’s 1st recipient of a category “O” (for “other”) passport earlier this week.

He tells, “This is a very welcoming move. It is a huge recognition for all sexual minorities of Nepal.  My struggle was not just for myself, but for future generations. Now everyone like me can get this service.”

We are glad this happened. It just proves how much the people in Nepal respect one another. Just as Monica describes, “My country has recognized and respected my identity.”

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