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Neha Munot and her Boss Atul: Who gets the Cream in the Corporate World?

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  •  September 3, 2014


Glass ceiling. Gender biased. These words are not new for corporate world. History has it that women, all around the world, have faced these issues. To continue our series of dialogues discussing women equality in various areas like: business, daughter-father relationships, household, finances and parenting – we met two employees of a Jaipur-based MNC asking them if they follow the women equality concept.

Meet Neha Munot and her boss Atul, the employees of one Jaipur-based MNC company – both from the same department. Hmm…interesting.


We invited them at a restaurant to enjoy the hot tea and yummy Britannia Jim-Jam buscuits.


As our tradition goes, we made them part the 2 sides of a cream biscuit. Both of them picked one biscuit and held its two sides in different directions. Who got the cream? This time it was the man who gets biscuit’s creamy side. Let’s know in reality, which one of them gets it.

DSC_4842JWB – Do you believe in equality?


Neha – I do. But unfortunately, at 80% workplaces we see this concept not being followed.


Atul – I believe in the concept but at times managerial positions too fall prey and take decisions that lack equality concept. For example, recruiters prefer a boy over an unmarried girl for a long term commitment.

JWB – Absolutely. So the selections during interviews by recruiters are, many a times, gender biased. Why do you think the cream is always on one side?

Neha – Because girls can’t munch biscuits with the clients during late nights. Haha.


Atul – I agree with her. This is one of the main reasons. Women cannot stay late at night and make deals with clients while having a drink with them. Men can.


JWB –Does all this hamper better career opportunities for women?

In chorus – Yes.

JWB – Atul, are women in your company at ruling position?

Atul – Interestingly, most Managers are women. We keep the cream with the smarter gender, they process it well. (smiles)


Neha – Oh, thank you very much.

JWB – Neha, what do you think is the reason behind it?

Neha – Well, girls know how to get the work done. You know…all the soft hearted, creamy talks that melt a man’s heart. (winks)


Atul – And that too very professionally. You will never realize how women get the work done. While your tongue is still wagging out, she has already signed the papers!

JWB – That’s funny! But still men fail to treat women equally. Atul, what according to you stops men to treat women equally?

Atul – Ego.


JWB – Is he right, Neha?


Neha – Absolutely. I faced this issue in my previous job. Impact – I had to quit because I felt so limited there.

JWB – Atul, can you handle a female boss?

Atul – No. I had 2 female bosses earlier, though they were great, but a man boss is always preferred. It is because you share the same mindset that helps work getting quickly aligned.


JWB – Neha, Atul is your boss. What do you want to change in him?

Neha – If you ask me what I want to change in him today, I would say nothing. But back then when I was new, I really wanted to shake his mind. (laughs) He never trusted me and gave all the difficult tasks to the male employees. That was a struggle for me where I had to prove that I was as good as my men colleagues. So basically, I fought for the cream.

Atul – She is a great employee that I can dream about.

Neha – Thank you, sir.

JWB – Atul, what Neha can learn from you?


Atul – It’s been 2 years with her, she has learnt everything from me now. (chuckles)

JWB – And Neha, what can he learn from you?

Neha – Oh, I would use this opportunity to tell him that he must work on his anger. He is short-tempered.

Atul – But that’s how we control the team, lady.

Neha – He scolds female employees in a better tone than male employees.


JWB – Oh, why is that so?

Atul – Because girls cry at the drop of a hat.

JWB – Well, that’s biasness. Treat them equally.

Atul – So, Neha, next time I am going to thrash you.


Neha – Noooo.

Atul – See.

The tête-à-tête made us understand one thing – that every woman in the corporate world is a fighter. No matter what her educational degree says on paper, she has to prove her qualities. So, instead of waiting for the cream, they snatch it elegantly. Agree?

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