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Mansi Khandelwal

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Neha Bagaria Of JobsForHer Qualifies Women To Win Over The Fear Of Success

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  •  March 20, 2017


I have seen extremely ambitious girls giving up on their professional lives after getting married. It is fine if done out of choice. But what if not? What if someone is made to leave her career due to additional family responsibilities and over pouring expectations.

And why does this happen?

Is it because after a woman is married, all she is considered to be is a contributor and never a bread earner of the family? Why is it always expected from a woman to stay back?

With a mission to enable women to restart their careers and achieve their full potential, Neha Bagaria started JobsForHer two years back.

Indian Women Blog: How important it is for a woman to have a backup team at home?

Neha Bagaria: Ohh that be the most important! The key to success is having a great team at home and at work. Having a support system at home helps you perform well at work. May it be your mother-in-law, your husband or your kids, each one of their supports contributes in shaping your professional life.

Indian Women Blog: How being an entrepreneur contributed to your family life?

Neha Bagaria: Being an entrepreneur has made my life back home more enriching and fulfilling. A lot of energy that gets generated at the workplace is transferred to the family. So yes, my entrepreneurial journey has made the whole experience for me more cherishing. My work has always kept me pumped up and I carry that happiness to home as well.

But isn’t the other way round as well, I asked? Don’t many women feel that their entire energy gets drained out when at work that it negatively gets transferred when they reach home?

Well, yes! That happens at times. But that I believe is only a result of one’s guilt management. According to me, guilt is what actually drags a woman down. So when at work, don’t feel guilty that your kid is alone or your family can’t be taken care of and vice versa.

The key is time management. Everything done at the right time can make the life easier.

Indian Women Blog: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Neha Bagaria: My favorite aspect is to be able to create a positive impact on a large scale.

Indian Women Blog: What has been your most satisfying moment in the business?

Neha Bagaria: Every week we share a restarter story. It is the journey of a woman who has come back to a business through the portal. We dream to bring women back to work a reality.

Indian Women Blog: How would you define women friendship in business?

Neha Bagaria: Our team predominantly comprises of women. I think those days are gone when one used to drag another. These days I have seen women not only being supportive of each other but helping one another to reach greater heights. I feel it’s extremely important that women invest in building a strong relationship with one another at work and so if I talk about my own team, we live, breathe, sleep, dream to get other women back to work.

Indian Women Blog: What advice would you like to give to women entrepreneurs?

Neha Bagaria: I would say that we should stop holding ourselves back! I have seen many women fearing failure and being afraid of success too.

Afraid of success, is it, I asked?

Yes. They feel that they might be overreaching, they might be biting what they can’t probably chew. They might feel that they won’t be able to juggle their two worlds etc. So if women can overcome their fear of failure and success, there’s nothing that can stop us!

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